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How long does the Custom CSS last?

  1. Hi,

    I am thinking about purchasing the $15 Custom CSS Upgrade, but it appears from the description that the upgrade is $15 per year, not a one-time $15 charge. I thought perhaps that it may cost $15 per year to KEEP editing the CSS, but what if I have a complete CSS file that I want to upload and then never touch again (I just want it to stay on the site forever, but I don't need to be able to change it).

    Can anyone confirm this? The reason I am concerned is that I am designing this new CSS layout for someone else and I've offered to pay the $15 fee (if it is, in fact, a one-time $15 fee), but they are not going to be able to keep renewing the use of the new CSS file.

  2. Tricky question. I marked your thread for staff to take a look. My CSS Subscription is less than 12 months old, so I can't really comment on that. FAQ are not clear about this.

  3. Mark has answered this question in the forums some times ago.

    It's in fact $15 per year. If you don't renew the custom css upgrade by spending additional $15 the css will be reverted to the template standard before your changes.

    I understand it that way.

  4. Yes, that's what they told me as well.

  5. WP knows how to make me! I really don't this one. I thought when the year was up you'd keep what you've edited without having to renew. Wow!

    $15 every year, until eternity?

  6. Yes, for as long as you want a customized CSS, or until you leave If you go independently hosted, of course, you'll be paying somewhere in the vicinity of $15 a month for hosting, but you can do whatever you want with it.

  7. @tcconnect, staff did once say something that suggested we'd be able to keep our edited CSS after the year was up, but more recent clarifications have said not. My 12 months is up soon and I've just had a notification from to let me know that if I don't pay up again, my blog will revert to the standard template.

  8. I wish this wasn't the case. I can understand the yearly fee for the domain name but not the editing of its CSS.

    I guess finds this a sure way of making money. Just my take!

  9. Was just looking for a mini-cms / blog platform for a small business owner friend of mine. I love wordpress... in comparison to google sites there's no contest... I'm sold on it... and in fact $30/year for hosting isn't a whole lot of money ($15 domain/$15 for CSS). But this price point is sort of... odd. I can understand paying more for storage (3 gigs for free is amazing), but having to pay $15/year just to be able to change some CSS which he's probably never going to change again seems a little silly. I guess the price points are fairly well set by now, but perhaps someone could explain to me the reasoning behind not allowing you to change styles without paying $15.

    Perhaps the wordpress crew is taking on the additional response of "style police" and by saving us from the ugliness that's myspace? :) Gives me a weird vibe. It's like myspace is for public school kids... no dress code, and wordpress hosting is for private school kids. LOL.

    That said, still going through the latest wordpress, maybe there's no need to edit the styles. At least tell me that you can do a custom background and custom header. Hopefully that'll be enough.

  10. If you search the forums, there appears to be a way to do custom backgrounds without the CSS upgrade. Most of the themes here have custom headers.

  11. Thanks. Have you done the same?

  12. No, I have the CSS upgrade. But I saw some code posted just the other day about how to do backgrounds using divs and a text widget.

  13. Thanks. But isn't that type of editing limited compare to the CSS upgrade?

  14. Very much so. And if you ever change your theme, those in-line edits will stay, potentially clashing horribly or even breaking the blog.

  15. Thanks. I have no intention of changing my theme. It really works for me. I've been able to edite the CSS, but I just can't get over losing my editing if I don't renew.

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