how long for domain to show up?

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    I just bought a domain through wordpress. Maybe it just takes time and I’m not waiting long enough but how long does it take for the blog to show up on the new domain? I searched the forums and faq but couldn’t find an answer… Just wanted to make sure I’m not forgetting a step. Thanks in advance…



    You need to make sure you’ve set the redirection in your dashboard, but even if you’ve done that, it can take a little while to show in some cases.

    I wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s been more than 72 hours. Do you have a link to the blog so we can check as well?



    I don’t know why nothing showed up on the forum search. It’s a common question. It does sometimes take a few days, particularly over the weekend.



    It depends on where you registered it as well. Smaller registrars seem to take longer to provagate through and I noticed that domains that are not .com also take longer.


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