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How long have you been here?

  1. I've been here town and a half months. Well I lost the first months entries after blowing my blog up by mistake

  2. I've been here two whole days. That makes me special.

  3. haha today is my second day here too!

  4. umm how did you blow up your blog?

  5. 7 months of pure enjoyment of writing and being able to share with this community.

    But I've been a WP member for 4 years. I don't even remember what my first blog was about.

  6. I've been blogging here one year as of today.

  7. ahundredthingstodo

    Ive been going strong about two months and theres no sign of it slowing down!

  8. I have been here since December. Well, with this blog anyway. I started and restarted quite a number of times before I found something that clicked.

  9. Since April 1 , 2011 1400 + views

  10. Six years, three point eight million reads.

  11. @Raincoaster I always love it when you comment on these kinds of threads. That 3 million+ number is impressive, inspiring, daunting, and discouraging all at the same time.

    5 months and 15,000+ hits for me.

  12. Though I've had the blog for about a year before my first post, that post is from May 2010. Basically it's from when I was accepted to the study abroad program, which is what I write about.

    My hit count is incredibly low, however. I'm not really one to advertise.

  13. momfog, you've no IDEA how long it took me to get to 15000 hits. You're way ahead of me!

  14. wolfmoonpressblog

    I just started today. I started two blogs, one about cooking, one about photography. It took me three hours to get the first one started. Nervous as a TSA screener. But I got the hang of it. Then I couldn't find my blog. Then I found it. Then I put the second one together, logged off, couldn't find it, whined, cried, went back and found it.
    I'm doing this for practice so that when I get my granddad's Klondike journal transcribed, I'll be more ready to do the online publishing thing. Going for broke with that one.
    I have questions: should I post something every day? Is there any way to generate some income without breaking the rules? I am such a newbie at this. Thanks!

  15. Yes, post every day if you can.

    Yes, there are ways to make money through your blog: write and sell a book, create and sell a work of art or product you make with your own hands, or use it to build a professional profile and offer workshops or professional services, as I do on

    If you want advertising, get up to 1000 hits a day and then ask for the Ad Control program. I've been running it three months and made about $5 so far.

  16. I've only been here about 3 months and started the blog to promote a new website which sells discount office furniture throughout Australia. Wish me Luck!!

  17. I just started the other day by importing my blog from blogspot.

    I am reading the forums now and checking out other people's stuff.

  18. 4 1/2 months! Yay! And I still love it here.

  19. raincoaster - you've made about $5 from advertising! What have you decided to spend the money on?

  20. On postage stamps to report grouppurchaseonline for violating the terms of service.

    3.9 million hits now.

  21. - that's quite enough thank you raincoaster - some of us are sweating on our first 1,000 - we are more the marksmen - you may be using the shotgun approach

  22. Me? with eight blogs? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING A -- ooooh, shiny thing....

  23. I haven't been blogging on the net for very long at all. At first i did a school blog and then a blog that just my friends could read, then i decided i wanted to get a more world wide veiw of any issues i have or things i wanted to talk about so i decided to go online.

  24. I've been blogging for about a week. Good news is I'm getting positive feedback and most think my stories are funny and entertaining. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think of it.

  25. I've been here all of 10mins-first post just done
    be gentle *goes to hide under desk* whooosssssssssssh!

  26. Born in mid July 2009. I'll be starting my third year of blogging very soon...

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