How long till a blog is re-activated?

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    Hello all

    I was going to finish an ongoing post and found the most unpleasant surprise: without any previous warning my blog has been deactivated. Honestly I have no idea why and I am convinced I have not done anything wrong.

    Anyway, I have followed the isntructions posted in my dashboard and I am currently waiting for WordPress to reply.

    My question for other users is: Have you been in the same situation?

    If so:

    1) Did you manage to get your blog re-activated?
    2) how long did it take to get it back?
    3) did you get a clear explanation about why it was blocked so you did not do the same “mistake” again?

    regards from a very upset blogger



    I’m sorry but this is not a matter for posting to a public forum. We Volunteers answering support questions have no role to play in this process. This is between you and Staff. You have a warning notice on with a link in it — please click that link. That link works at all times (even when the regular contact form is closed).

    If you have already contacted Staff by using the “click here to contact us” link in the notice, the ToS department definitely received your request. Please be patient as they’ll be getting back to you as soon as they can.
    Reference links:

    As a policy, please refrain from discussing ToS issues on the public forums. Thank you for your patience!

    As a policy, please refrain from


    How long it takes depends on how busy the ToS department is and that varies from day to day I expect, so you can’t really go on other’s experiences.

    Staff are typically very willing to work with bloggers here to solve the issue so just be patient. (They have even been known on occasion to make a mistake although that seems rarer than it used to be.)



    @timethief: I find my question very fair and I do not need support, just checking with other users what I should expect. I am not discussing ToS, just asking other users for their previous experience in this matter.

    @thesacredpath: thanks for your reply. It would still be useful for me to know how it went for other users even if my experience turns out to be different. Again I think it is a fair question from a respectful approach.



    The time it takes Staff to respond to those with deactivated blogs is unknown to us Volunteers. In addition Staff have asked us to refrain from discussing ToS issues on the public forums and instructed us to flag the thread for their attention, and then leave it be. That’s what I have done.



    You need to work with the TOS group – blogs have came back – a few people have posted back here that their blog came back – usually we don’t here from the people either way – I have seen a few sites that had minor issues that once changed the blogs came back and in other cases the suspension was in error and the blog came back – none of us here know the schedule or the size of the backlog –

    Be patient – read the links @TT gave above –

    & good luck

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