How long till dashboard & statistics work again?

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    OK, I have to take a break.

    Or, your virus will tell me these posts are too close together.

    If I was on your end, I would be responding with something like,

    “I have looked at the logs, and it does look like you are experiencing some timing issues we cannot determine the causes of yet.

    Yes, we see different NIC card addresses. Yes, it looks like your luvsiesous loads much slower.

    Yes, we see that your readership dropped like a rock.

    No, we really don’t have any idea what is happening.

    Yes, we noticed that you were able to take your test account and generate similar traffic within days.

    And yes, we can see how that it might look like we wrote a virus, but we really have not found the connection. Yet.

    And as an engineer, Wayne, you already know we may not be able to find one.

    We will look at moving your site to a different node.

    We will look at 6 months reimbursed……….

    ETC, etc.

    Then again, I have supported enterprise class software ….

    I am trying to be patient, but this has tried my patience.



    PS, nothing you have covered would explain pages disappearing, or the screen re-writing ….

    Or, why my comments are going into the spam contents of other bloggers – they tell me that ….



    Since your forum replies are going to spam, let’s continue this email.

    Go to and, if prompted, make sure that you choose a Private support request.

    Someone else will help you there.

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