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how long till google crawl my new domain

  1. i purchased my new domain and the domain mapping service last august 16. prior to that, google has been indexing my site daily. however it stopped on august 16 and it still won't crawl my site. i thought if i purchased the domain mapping service, google won't miss a beat with the crawling since it will try to use

    anybody experienced the same thing when changing domain? how long does it take before crawling resumes? thanks!

  2. Go to Google and re-register yourself in Blogsearch under the new URL. Can't hurt. Do the same at Technorati, but alas there you will have to start from scratch, because Technorati is dumb.

    Also: the more links going to your new domain name rather than your old one, the better for you. If nothing else, link to your new domain name from one of your own sites, if you have them.

  3. Actually, come to think of it, link to your new domain name from YOUR OWN BLOG. Like, on raincoaster sometimes I refer to the blog, and then I link to it using instead of Anything to get those Googlebots crawling around your new name.

  4. yeah ive been updating my link on other sites including technorati but i guess there's nothing left to do but wait.

    do you remember how long you've waited before google started crawling your site again?

  5. Are you using a Google Web Master tools account?
    if so goto diagnostics--> Web Craw it should tell you if there are errors keeping google from being able to craw your site.

  6. nope, no errors. it's been 9 days and counting... sigh.

  7. I can't remember, but they did catch up eventually. Nine days wouldn't be a panic situation. Has anyone linked to you since then? I mean brand-new links, not editing pre-existing ones.

  8. nope no links although i always have my updated link whenever i post comments on other blogs.

  9. Those won't count at all; they're "no follow" links. Links here and links in comments sections do not count. You will have to linkbait. Try quizzes! They always work for me.

  10. quizzes? can you point me to a link please? very much appreciate your comments here.

  11. Here is the Google link -> Add your URL to Google

  12. Stirring up a conversion from your article is a great way to like bait also... ;-)

  13. Typo Correction

    Stirring up a conversion from your article is a great way to link bait also... ;-)

  14. yay, google finally visited me after 10 days. have to get my pagerank back up now.

  15. thanks for the help guys!

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