How long until I see the available upgrades?

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    I purchased the upgrade on the 29th. I went to my dashboard/store but didn’t see it so I can start customizing? I just mapped my domain server change to WordPress this morning. Does this server name change have to be active to customize? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, I’m sorry for the hassle. I see the upgrade in your account, but it isn’t appearing in Store -> My Upgrades (as you’ve reported).

    I’ll ping our store team to take a closer look, and I’ll reply back as soon as we have an update.

    Thanks for your patience.


    Ah, my mistake. I see that it was purchased on your other blog. If you go to Store -> My Upgrades, you can click “Transfer to another site” if you need to move it.

    I hope this helps!



    Hi! I am still having serious problems. I log in and see I’m logged in. If I click on ” manage my blogs” nothing happens. If I click on my blogs nothing comes up. I know this shouldn’t be this difficult but I have spent two days working on this. I read support docs etc… You mentioned two blogs, no idea on that and where the upgrade is hiding? I don’t know what else to do….



    Hi there,

    No worries, we’ll sort it all out.

    So first: is!/my-blogs/ the page you are having issues with? An alternative view is

    What Bryan meant is that you happen to have two sites with us, with slightly different names/addresses:
    * your main one:
    * the 2nd one:

    What happened is that you seem to have purchased the custom design upgrade for the 2nd blog:

    While in fact you probably wanted to buy it for, since that’s where you have your content.

    So what you can do is go to and move the custom design upgrade to the other site (as Bryan suggested).

    As far as the domain mapping you mention, I do not see you as having purchased that upgrade on either sites.



    Hi! Thanks for answering and for the info. Bryan was helpful but I couldn’t even get to the blogs to do anything.

    1. I am going to, logging in… user name appears in the upper right hand corner. When I go there and click on “manage my blogs” nothing happens. I even tried the left side…”my blogs” and nothing. No dashboard or page change. What am I doing wrong?

    2. I thought I deleted the incorrectly spelled blog. I purchased the $99 upgrade. I didn’t even see it was the wrong blog. Maybe I’m using the wrong terms…I bought my domain at Go Daddy. I was thought I bought the upgrade to be able to be able to drop the .wordpress segment and customize blog.

    I really appreciate your help!



    Hi there,

    I see that the Value Bundle is attributed to the correct blog now ( Were you able to get into the blog to make that change?

    Since it sounds like you already bought the domain, here’s what you need to do to map to your existing blog:

    Are you still unable to see your Newdash (the screen that shows tabs across saying “New Post, Reader, Notifications, Stats, Freshly Pressed”?


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