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How long will a domain last for?

  1. Right. I have a domain ready to be applied from an external registrar (ie. not wordpress), and soon will be paying the $10 needed so that I can use it with my blog.
    But I have one question - how long will that $10 last me? Does it mean that I can use a domain name with my blog forever, or does it expire after a certain amount of time. I am well aware that the domain itself, will expire, and that's no problem.

    Also, how many domains will this allow me to use? So, if I wanted both and to be pointing to my domain, but they were actual domains (not domain masking services), then could I register both to the same blog?


  2. All is explained here.

  3. Ok thanks, but it still doesn't say how long that $10 will allow me to use a domain for.

  4. From the FAQ ( ):

    It costs $10/year for the domain name.
    It costs $10/year for domain mapping
    If you buy both at the same time the total cost is $15/year

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