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How many blog posts ready to publish in your queue for 2012 so far?

  1. Clearly it's been a holiday for me because I've done some advance blog posts which are scheduled to publish over the next uh....3 months or so. I really spread out the blog publishing dates.

    So it's 11 blog posts waiting in the line-up for publication reveal in 2012, across 3 different blogs that I look after/write for.

    Please, please keep in mind some of those blog posts were over 4 months ago. Sometimes there are other priority blog news that I need to post. I don't mind bumping the original blog post date further into the future.

    Helps me when my brain becomes too busy soon with stuff related to my paid full-time job which has absolutely nothing to do with blogging. (Thank goodness!!) Or I get a cold/tired, etc.

    How many new blog posts do you have in your to-be-published queue for 2012 according to your scheduled dates?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry for the incorrect use of bold codes. Oh well....

  3. I don't schedule any of my posts. I currently have 137 drafts in one blog and 86 drafts in the other. They are all in various states of development. Some have only concepts and research links in them. Others have the beginnings of posts.

  4. lol, well... I have 4 or 5 Written, but they're all in Notebooks... I've been really just chillen out during these last couple of weeks, Posting some Update Posts, and some Poetry, and some Music, and some other stuff... But I'll be back at the Creative Writing stuff come Tomorrow... As the 5 in notebooks are all Creative Writing

    I considered Putting them in Draft, ready to go for the New Year, but that sounded too much like Work to me at the moment, only because I've been Blogging pretty much none stop since August 18th of this year.

    But I've got 3 Blog Series, and a Novel to start Cranking away on come tomorrow, so No Rest for the Wicked, lol

    Happy New Year Maid


  5. So only we are the only advance blog post creators in these forums.

    Believe me, I'm not uber organized but for at least 1 of my blogs, I do have to conform abit to an organization's needs and their priorities on what they want published.

    I just write whenever I'm inspired. I just don't often publish alot of stuff immediately after I finish. I store it and let it hibernate for awhile. :)

  6. josephvincent37

    I got three queued up. And I keep adding ideas. So I will pretty much be constantly back-logged with writing which works for me.

  7. I'm waiting on feedback on the only draft I have. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants! I am planning to drop back the frequency this year to concentrate on finishing the book.

  8. I have only one more scheduled for next week: I wrote the last four weeks' posts in advance because I knew I'd be busy with my new job, but come the week after next week, I'm back to writing them weekly again! Whenever I finish writing them though, I always schedule them for the Monday... AQUARIUM MONDAYS! Ahem.

  9. Though I haven't started Creating "Work in Process" Drafts so much for my Main Blog The Written Word, or for The Dark Globe... I do have one Queued up for my New Guest Author Post, which will Hit The Streets Tomorrow, lol

    I am starting to use the Google Calendar, However, just to Set Reminders for myself for Certain Posts...


  10. kennethmarkhoover

    I usually do pretty well in my queue, but right now I've only got one ready...and it will be posted October 1, haha.

    Clearly, I have a lot of work to do if I want anything queued. Right now I am simply writing a blog post everyday...I should write ahead a little more, though, in case I miss a day or two. :P

  11. I took most of the last week of 2011 off to recharge my brain and sort of give my kids the impression that I'm still a dad.

    I have 1 post in the queue for Thursday and then it's back to the drawing board...or really Microsoft Word, since I'm not an artist.

  12. I could not write blog post of quality several times per wk. to my own satisfaction and publish them immediately.

    About 25% I write blog posts with pics, that require barely any rewrite/significant editing. I have never created a blog post where it was just photos.

  13. plasticdaffodils

    I keep notes on ideas for posts, but it takes me too long to make a post with the cartoons so I usually can't get ahead of myself. Occasionally I write out drafts of posts without cartoons though.


    I don't queue my posts, I write them then and there, I have three blogs and write for The Dark Globe so I usually don't have time to queue posts.

  15. Like ardpete, I write them there and then, or within a few days of an idea popping in my head, or being inspired by what I read/hear/see/experience.

    But I'm doing something new: I'm now starting to queue some posts as I've just begun a new music series called 'X Factor? My Arse! or How To Do It Properly' and it would be in my best interest to have a few tucked up and ready to go, especially as life gets in the way and I tend to lose momentum. I'm determined to have a regular post day with this series (perhaps every fortnight or every month on a Wednesday) and stick to it.

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