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    Is there a way to find out how many other people have you on their blogrolls? I’d be interested to find out just how many people have linked to mine from theirs. The incomming links part of the blog stats doesn’t show any of this information. In fact it’s never updated since I started my blog over a year ago.



    Are you listed with Technorati? It would be at If you’re listed there, you can check your blog reactions and get a better idea of who is linking to you. The problem with incoming links is that it’s reliant on Google and doesn’t update regularly, and the links tend to disappear after a month or so. Technorati isn’t perfect either but on the whole it does a better job.



    your blog stats is a good place to observe. surely eventually someone will click on your link in that blogger’s blogroll. =) there are also sites like though it’s not exactly exhaustive in my experience.

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