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How many blogs do you follow/read regularily?

  1. I check occasionally probably under 25 blogs --1-3 times per blog per month to read any new content of theirs. I mean blogs I visit regularily.

    I'm finding in fact, I'm reading less maintstream news. I'm not so sure that's the best thing. But as long as I read 1-3 mainstream news from different sources..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm probably the same with you. I check roughly around 20 blogs frequently. Although I'm actually subscribed to a whole load more. Sadly half of them are inactive. Is it wrong to unsubscribe?

  3. I unsubscribe regularly, if I've lost interest in the blog or if it's been inactive for more than a month then they've lost a follower from me. I'd expect the same thing to happen to me. I try and read as many as I possibly can but the stresses of work don't always allow it.

  4. idiotphotographer

    I can honestly say I only follow 4 or 5 blogs closely, but check in on many others on a weekly to bi weekly basis.

  5. Some of them I check regularly, others I find and visit only once or twice. It's not for lack of enjoyment, but rather due to the sheer number of blogs out there.

    I love when I read someone's post and get inspired. The few times that's happened, I made sure to go back to the blog and let the author know, then link back somewhere in my post to let others know what inspired me.

    It's a very organic way to network, versus just randomly commenting on someone's blog for additional exposure.

  6. readytochangenow

    I have about 20 I follow - but only a handfull post every day. I read them each morning and then read a post if someone likes or comments on my blog.

    When I started I was pretty click happy with the follow button - narrowed it down to a comfortable size.

  7. It is useful for blogger to respond to other people's comments since there is always the possibility the reader may come back.

    Any more experiences? This is actually a very easy question.

  8. I've subscribed to 20-25, which change some over time. I read over a hundred others about 1/3rd of the time they post, and maybe another 30-40 when I'm doing research before posting one of my own articles. (Fortunately, I read very quickly.)

  9. I just topped 40 subscribed blogs - especially now that we can follow arbitrary RSS feeds. Sometimes I'll go through a bit of downtime and scroll through all of the new posts in my feed, and I often find myself disappointed that I don't have more articles from my favorite authors in my feed. :)

  10. I'm Subscribed to 28, but Follow maybe 20, and some of those don't Post that often... And a few of the one's I am subscribed to haven't Posted in a while.


  11. WAY TOO MANY! I try to read as often as possible, but I continually get too far behind.

  12. Wow, mikey you are conscientious. And probably have amassed more knowledge along the way.

    I tend to research only across 2-5 sites for useful info. And just leave it at that. Then I write the blog post.

  13. I think I read around 10 sites on a variety of things. My favourite one is a very good Egyptology site, but the author isn't posting as often anymore.

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