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How many blogs do you have?

  1. I only have one blog and was wondering how many everyone usually has? I've seen people with 2 blogs and wondered if that was normal? I don't plan to have two anytime soon but was just simply curious.

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have three. One, my main one for stories another for iPad/phone and app photography and a private one about thunder storms.
    Yes, it's quite normal for people to have more than one blog.

  3. I have four. Two of them are group blogs. One is currently inactive, and my main blog.

    My advice is that if you can't maintain two blogs, then don't have two blogs. Even I can't maintain the four blogs. In a perfect world, one is good enough ;)

  4. strawberryindigo

    I have two. My main wordy one and my photoblog.

  5. Three but I am only maintaining one until my book is finished.

  6. Oh that's really cool everybody. Thank you for the advice! I probably couldn't handle more then one but I like the idea of having one main one and then another to share pictures and media like things.

  7. I have my main blog which i think is successful and this one which is for a bit of fun.

  8. Two, both equally neglected. :-(

  9. I have three, one of which I don't seem to bother with anymore, my main blog and a blog I write fiction on and I also (occasionally) write for The Dark Globe.

  10. I have four public blogs. and are active blogs. I also have a third public blog which is archived content that links to my current blogging tips blog. The fourth public blog on Tumblr is neglected and may as well be archived.

    I have several "private" blogs for my personal use only. Some are for testing themes and widgets. Some are for testing headers and featured images. Others are filled with ideas I intend to blog on one day. One is full of copy and paste answers to questions that are commonly asked on the support forums.

  11. Dang! thats a lot of blogs to handle. I now have two blogs. It's kind of fun having more than one.

  12. phoenixtearsheal

    Three : a poetry blog; a waffllog; and a private one for garden :)

  13. readytochangenow

    I expanded to two and then realized I was spending waaaay too much time updating both so I merged them back into one.

    I have since resisted the urge to create 4 more :-)

  14. phoenixtearsheal

    Aww updating is part of the fun when the journey is long,
    especially when longer than expected; I think I could do
    with stage one of one of mine concluding soon lol then
    I can start the next clean page lol

    Afterthought - scratch the word fun and replace it with
    'the art of staying sane amid the surrounding insanity' :D

  15. theinsanityaquarium

    Just the one: considering creating a new one, but the ideas need to be finalised first!

  16. greyroompictures

    I have two:-

    The Has Been Who Never Was (HB/NW) for my main writing - aimed at a wider audience. It's my showcase, really - where I really try to work hard.

    HB/NW Extra is a less crafted, occasional dumping ground for edgier material that I want to try out. Basically it's a place filled with less grammar and more swears... It started as a tie in to a gag on the main blog but I figured I'd keep it.

    I'm happy with the setup... having one blog for the graft and one to play with. No-one reads HB/NW Extra anyway, which is fine - I'd rather they got hooked on the proper stuff.

  17. It's my opinion that every blogger needs a test blog. Here's how to create a "mirror" blog for testing purposes > scroll down to "Every blogger needs a test blog"

  18. emliyflowermsp

    I got 2 Lol

  19. Just 1 that I use. Over the past 6 years or so I've created numerous ones, but in the end it's call come down to Daniel Is Funny. Evolution, I guess.

  20. If you count blogs somewhere else too then I have heaps of them. But on wordpress it's only one + a test blog.

  21. at

    -two public blogs, search engined and index.
    -one public blog I call my "scrap" blog. for forums, troubleshooting and code testing.
    -one private blog meant to be a "cloud" notebook between computers and browsers.
    -one shortlived satire blog that is no longer public.

    from time to time I have had shared private blogs, none right now.

  22. Only one blog. Wish I had more time to write and read other blogs, but the kids keep me busy, busy, busy!

  23. I HAD 4 at blogspot. I didn't do much after a slow start. Then they got googleized and stuff changed. I could not login because they wanted an email address in addition to password. Well, I couldn't get that info and couldn't reset the password. They simply never answered my support question on how to get back in. So I came here. I've set up 2 blogs here so far (one I post on and one I currently use for testing/learning and will post on later in about a month), and aim to make it at least 3 (somewhere to whine about stupid programmers in the world).

    I'm also curious if it's OK to have a blog for each of my open source software development projects (e.g. posting just to announce releases, mostly).

  24. 4 blogs --if you count a test blog. 3rd blog has been frozen for now.

  25. I have 4 - two are my personal travel experiences in Europe, and will be archived when the stories run out. I have one on spiritual life applications from the garden ( and just started a new one at here a week ago. I wanted my own domain to be able to promote my first book which is coming out this summer. And I wanted a blog that I could write about any old thing I wanted, not just garden stuff.

  26. Um - yeah. Both of my links above are incorrect. ( Uber red face...)

    Gardening blog -

    Personal blog -


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