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How many blogs do you read and comment on?

  1. On an average, how many blogs do you read (and not just click) in a day ?

    And out of those, on how many do you leave your sweet words?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I might be reading around 20-30 posts a day but I don't necessarily comment on all of them.

  3. xxfrozenflower

    Hmm... I guess I actually only "read" maybe 10 a day, sometimes less.
    Out of those 10, maybe 2 are interesting enough for me to read more than just the home page. If I enjoy 3+ posts/pages of any blog, I definitely comment on the post, or at least "like" it. This happens maybe once in two days, I guess. /isn't a hardcore blogger

    This is NOT counting the people who comment or like my own (I always try to reciprocate) or the blogs I find to have glaring factual errors (drives me crazy, I HAVE to correct them in a comment!).

  4. plasticdaffodils

    I have about 30 blogs I regularly follow. I actually was always a lurker, but now that I've started a blog I've started commenting more often, normally I'd only comment if I really had something to say.

  5. 20-30

  6. I probably read less than 10 blogs a day. Comment is very rare. I'm a lurker :)

  7. I read about 10-15 blogs a day. Like others have posted, I'm usually a lurker. I rarely comment but I enjoy most posts I read.

  8. Blogs themselves, not so many anymore. I always read Gawker, sometimes The Awl, and three times a week I read 20 different gossip blogs so I can do my link roundups.

    But I read and comment all over the place: I once counted that I'm active on 13 different social media platforms a day.

  9. idiotphotographer

    Read about 5 to 20 a day, depending on my mood. I'm a bit of a lurker so only comment two or three times, if I'm feeling chatty.

  10. I read more than I always visit and comment everyone who has commented in my blog.
    I enjoy commenting because it can build great friendship with the bloggers.

    I have more than 20 blogger friends that I always enjoy reading their blogs and their comments in my blogs. I love the friendship that takes shape from blogging. One of them even gave me books he wrote and not yet published.

    unlike some above me...I hate being a lurker.

  11. I am often a lurker, but I try to at least hit the "Like" button when I see something unusually good. Since most of my recent blogging has been about other blogs, I've tended to read one (different) blog very closely every day. I also use the tag surfer on a daily basis.

  12. loverofgreatbooks

    I usually just read my blogs, and blogs I co-author. I comment regualarly on those.

  13. I read less than 10 blogs a day. There is a limit of how much you can read and (although I wish) this isn't my full time job. And I usually press the like. And leave comments to blog posts that I like more. Even if I don't have anything significant to add to the discussion, I just like people to know that they are doing good.

  14. I probably read about 10- 12 Blogs a day, and I almost always comment when I read because I know it makes the diference

  15. Like @necrotichijinks, I surf a bit, and at least try to click on the Like or star button. I don't subscribe to many blogs via WordPress although I do via Google Reader. There are a core number of blogs I visit religiously (4-5) and a wider circle that I check in on occasionally (10-15). The wider circle are normally ones that I like because of the way they're formatted or the writing style but the content isn't quite up my alley.

  16. I might comment on 1 blog every 2 days or so.

    I read randomly about less than 2-3 blogs per day. Each blog under 5-10 min.

  17. I always leave a creative comment on posts that I like, it's important to let people know that their work is appreciated, I'll read roughly 20 a day, some popular, some new, some random.

  18. Probably about 15 and I normally leave a comment

  19. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO behind on my reading. I used to visit many blogs and I usually commented. Since my family arrived I haven't visited many of my favourites at all. I just do not have the time at the moment.

    I'm hoping when I am not helping with so much homework, I will have more time!

  20. I love to read bolgs... I believe we read about 20 blogs a day, sometimes I can't read them but I bookmark them to read it later.. How many I comment? It depends, if I think my comment is important for the community I comment if not.. Just read it,

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