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How many comments can you make in a day?

  1. yea.. so how many?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How many replies to topics can you make in a day?

  3. alot. increase the views. LOL

  4. I make on a few comments per day, usually on the forum, but I try to post them on blogs as well. Especially if they are on Apostle Jack's blog.

  5. Increases the spam.

  6. Apostle Jack is not a spammer, he's a messenger of God!

  7. its not like one replied useless and repetitive answers. One gives answers to the questions that are asked. thats not spam.

  8. Although he was starting forum posts with the sole, or should that be soul, intention of spreading his ideas about God which you could argue is spam as it's duplicitous.

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