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How many comments do you have on your blog?

  1. Nine, and three of them are from me (and one is from my girlfriend).

    Do you feel bad? Does it make you want to read my blog and leave me tons of feedback?? ; )

  2. The Photo and the Anatomy
    55 comments - 11 posts

    109 comments - 19 posts

  3. Not MANY ................................. Waaaaaaaa ( Feeeling a little unloved .. SNIFF)

  4. Since November 18th 2009 till now on
    103 Comments, 19 Posts, and I commented on pretty much everyone else's comments...
    as for the new one
    well there's two posts (and 4 static pages that will be like posts)
    and no comments. But I just started it friday...

  5. AhHem... misspelled the URL


  6. I officially have 606 comments.

  7. 18 posts, 10 comments (although half are mine!)

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