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How many different posts on your site are read each day?

  1. so for example yesterday I had hits on 40+ posts of 135 - usally it is a little lower though I guess

    my content is a lot easier to click trough than most of yours I guess (since most of the people who visit my blog come for the pics and not the texts ;))

  2. I use the Most Popular Posts Widget that helps to bring up old Posts based on what people read - I get a high %% of search engine traffic so this seems to help.

    Other people put a text widget in the sidebar and put links to old Posts they think are relevant or are the most popular based on the Stats page

    I'm not sure I want to merely use the Most Popular Posts Widget --that just gets people perhaps to only the posts that continue to be read.

    I like some of my most popular posts but there some others I've written where I did spend decent time and am proud of /think they are quite good.

    I'm trying a range of different things --

    RSS feed based on a common tagged topic theme

    Another widget with select posts. It seems it only gets some people, not alot, motivated to take more steps to click and look around.

    This is why I am on a lookout for new themes that show a preview of related photo to older blog posts. I'm fine with my present theme and certainly am willing to hold for awhile before another meets my needs.

  3. aaroncohenphotography

    Since I have a photography blog, I have many different posts viewed each day, anywhere from 10-40 depending on my traffic on certain days.

  4. It makes sense to me that photography blogs would easily experience readers clicking through attractive photos and therefore get per "page for day" readership. Long (say 1,000 word) articles take longer to read.

    Maidie - I agree with you - the Most Popular Posts widget can encourage the same posts to be read over and over. I use that widget, but I have it lower down the sidebar. The posts reflected in it seem to change reasonably regularly, except for the Form 888 and Qatar sex posts, which seem to stay there permanently - both get hits every day from search engines, so I am not surprised they stay active.

  5. This post on my blog is been read everyday and is always at the top of 'top posts' list
    http://k2 the second highest mountain of the world/

  6. Between 1-2. Miss popular over here. Aww yeah.

  7. Just over 200 posts, about 40 per day getting hits right now.

  8. The 40 fgure seems to be popping up reasonably consistently.

    Apologies to 4thshift on that. :(

  9. aaroncohenphotography

    @teamoyeniyi Yes, it is much easier for people to click around to different photos on my website than to read an article. I actually just wrote my first actual photography article about meeting a National Geographic photographer:
    Meeting Sam Abell

  10. @teamoyeniyi, I think mine is artificially high, due to some of my content. Most people who have hits on 40 posts a day probably have much higher traffic than I do.

  11. I have a few posts that keep getting recurring hits, like a satirical story I did called "Americans Horrified McDonald's Egg McMuffins Made With Real Eggs" which I wrote back in November. Also, my "I Just Freshly Pressed Myself" story gets new hits every day as well. I guess those stories just relate well with googlers.

  12. About 10 out of my 49, which is about 20%. My best hit day was a little under 250 views, and at least the general trend is up, but today I'm at about 80 views. It's a fickle public. I do have one two that always get hit, and get more likes every day, but the really old ones are almost never read.

  13. In the last 7 days, I've had 66 posts read out of 119 posts (55%), although 23 were read only once, so take those out and it's still 36%.

    I'm happy with that! Old posts receive just as much traffic as new, so that must be good, right?

    I seem to have a lot of people that read but don't comment. I've even bumped into people who have mentioned they read it (not complete strangers though!). I guess maybe my blog doesn't seem that inviting for comments.

  14. I find people rarely comment on older posts, even though they read them. For example, I wrote a review of our car back in November. It still gets read every day, but no-one comments.

    The posts specifically for partner visa people rarely attract comments either, but are read very regularly.

    Our "About" gets comments from time to time, I think when someone wants to back a general comment to us but not on any specific page.

    Today (with 3 hours to go) 48 different posts have been read. Some people comment on Facebook, rather than the blog. I also think people who are not WP people are often reluctant to leave their email addresses.

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