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How many do you have ?

  1. How many blog's or web page's do you have.

    I have 2 blog's with wordpress and i also have a forum and they all take up a lot of time.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. One and that is quite enough. Very time-consuming. Good luck with your blogs and such!

  3. Just the one blog for me as well! I used to have 2 - but that was just too much work!

    I'm a photographer, so I also have a lot of portfolio accounts.

  4. @dribblingpnesioner
    I have two active blogs here and one neglected blog at Tumblr. I aim to post to my two blogs twice weekly and usually do but the last couple of weeks have been "rocky" weeks for me so I have fallen behind. :(

    one cool site -
    WordPress blogging tips, tools and tutorials: Become a Better Blogger, Build a Better Blog & Learn Effective Blog Promotion.

    this time - this space -
    This personal development, self improvement and conscious living blog contains information and techniques I use for transforming and improving my life.

    this time space -
    I love to sing especially spiritual music and chant. this time space is a media rich self help blog for those who are pursuing personal growth and self improvement.

  5. @momfog, my main blog i tend to make about 4 or 5 posts in one night and post them 5 or 6 days apart, this blog i find it harder to think of post's. My forum take's up little time.

    @timethief, i knew you had the first two but 3 blog's such as your's must take up a lot of your time.

  6. I have one blog on wordpress (Morbid Mind) and also had one on blogger which I deleted this year...
    Morbid Mind is a poetry blog on which i post irregularly(unfortunately)
    but aim at 3-4 posts a week.

  7. @silent0antagonist, 3-4 a week lot's a lot, nice content. The back ground colour will make your blog hard to read for someone with sight problem's. I found it hard enough myself.

  8. Just the one .....but enjoy every minute

  9. Hi Ian, i left you a comment in another life, i see you don't have a blogroll

  10. My first blog is all about cat ownership. I try to always teach cat awareness in a humorous way. Ive had it since July of 2010

    My second personal blog is only a few days old. I have to log out of my cat blog to log into my personal blog. It feels somewhat overwhemimg and I dont want to loose track of my comments and questions etc. Its a lot to juggle which I hope gets easier over time.

  11. harrythehandyman

    I have got used to signing out of one and signing into the other, but something that has to be done.

  12. harrythehandyman

    @midaevalmaiden, it's sara the cat wisperer, good luck with your second blog

  13. Hey @penshioner, give us a link to your other blog. :)

    and thanks @harry I hope I can one day be as organized as your fabulous blog is.

  14. yourdailybailey

    One where I have made the commitment to post daily and new photos daily takes up plenty of time. I don't think I could handle another.

  15. @midaevalmaiden, the link is below thank you, i'm going to add you to my blogroll.

  16. Hi pensioner! Add you to my blogroll? Consider it done. :) I had asked here what is the name of your other blog. I had guessed it before but now Im sure... Your harry! am I right?

  17. @midaevalmaiden, :) thank you Sara, your smarter than the avg; Sara :)

  18. @dribbler and Im good at holding ladders. and sharpening pencils too.

  19. @lifewith4cats, a female who think's she is useful for something wonder's will never cease, :) at least you have found a niche in life for yourself :) :) :)

  20. The maiden has left the forum. She is now in the kitchen baking cookies in her bare feet. Now @penshioner... be nice. She happens to be a trophy. :) :)

  21. @lifewith4cats, well i hope she washed her feet before using them to mix the dough as there might be little black thing's mixed in :)

  22. I have great admiration for anyone who has the time and/or the discipline to maintain more than one blog. This one blog is more than enough for me to be getting on with.

  23. @pienbiscuits, it is hard work but you get used to it

  24. I have 2, plus one just started at work.

    My main one tracks everything myself and a friend eat every day, so that's pretty time consuming... 3 months in and I agree with @dribblingpensioner, you get used to it!

  25. invisiblemikey

    A blog about everything you ate each day? Maybe I should write one listing every gas station where I stopped to use the bathroom...

  26. I have four blogs but I don't work on them all equally.

    Three are hosted by blogger -- one is dedicated to my kids and I use it as an excuse for a scrapbook. Stories and a few pictures. Another is my own thoughts that I don't mind sharing with others. A third was a brief attempt at making a commercially viable blog, but I haven't updated it in about two years. I wanted to do more with it, but ran into time issues (go figure). Don't want to take it down yet though because I like some of what I posted.

    Fourth blog is hosted by WordPress and it's exclusively an exercise in trying to work through a ridiculous amount of stress and to force me into a writing routine (which I've fallen out of).

    I'm still looking for a 'shtick' though that works for me, that will make blogging on a theme easier. So far, still looking for that passion (other than my kids). No luck yet. And now that I know that someone else is already writing about what they're eating every day, I guess I'll need to check that possibility off the list, too. :P

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