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How many followers do I have?

  1. Hi. I added a "follow blog" widget to my site, and it now displays a number for those following me. But in my site stats, under "totals, followers, and shares" it gives me a completely different number. what gives?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are several ways others can follow your blog posts and/or your comments made on posts. The follow widget reflects those following your posts. Does reading these help?

  3. That makes sense, but I'm still a little unclear. Let me throw some numbers, and perhaps that will help. My "follow blog" widget on my home page shows 94 followers. My site stats shows five. Whenever I posted a couple times this morning, by "follow blog" went up ubruptly from 76 to 94 - but it only shows I had nine views of my site today.
    Am I being dense?

  4. No. That just sounds like a caching issue that wil, eventually rectify but I could be wrong so I'll flag this thread for Staff to take a look at your blog.

    WordPress com Staff have made it easy for members to “like” what they are reading, wherever they are reading it (Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results, Posts, Pages, Media).

    A follower can click the “like” button without visiting your blog and creating a page view stat.

    • A follower can click the “like” button when viewing your posts in the Readomatic reader on the home page of
    • A follower can click the “like” button when viewing your posts on the Topics pages.
    • A follower can click the “like” button when viewing your posts when using an app.
    • An email subscriber can click the “like” button in the email they receive of your new posts without visiting your blog.

    P.S. To compel readers to click into my blog to read the full post I have set my RSS Feed to “summary” on this page > Settings > Reading

  5. Ok, thank you. It's been like that since I started the blog, so I'm concerned. Thanks for your help :)

  6. The numbers aren't real-time, but you should notice them becoming more consistent by the end of the day.

  7. Oh no, this has been going on since I started. The numbers in my "follow blog" widget grow every day that I post, but my site stats stay the same.

  8. Oh, do you mean the fact that the Follow widget says "Join 94 other followers" vs your blog stats of 5 Followers and 89 Twitter Followers?

    Since you have Publicize setup via Twitter, we add the number of blog Followers to Twitter Followers for a total Follower number.

    If you had Publicize setup via Facebook, we would also include your Friends in that total.

  9. AHA!! there's the answer. Finally. Ok, that makes perfect sense. So, the total number reflects how many on Twitter follow my posts, or just how many twitter followers I have in my Twitter account?

  10. The number reflects how many followers you have in your Twitter account.

  11. Very good. Thanks I can go on with my life :)

  12. You're welcome!

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