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How Many Followers Do You Have?

  1. Hi!

    I launched my blog, a few weeks ago, and the followers, they just keep happening!

    How many followers do people tend to have? Is this crazy? Is it normal? Are they spambots?

    Russ's poor brain is broken. Thanks for fixing it!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you think you need Staff help then please file a support ticket using this link.

  3. No, it's cool. I'm just curious to hear how many followers people have. Thanks though, timethief!

  4. I will flag this thread so it's moved to the Off-Topic Forum and there you can chat with other bloggers.

    Do note that comparing blogs that are not the same age, not in the same niche, and have differing quality of content are apples to oranges comparisons.

  5. Ah, sorry about the whole wrong forum thing. Russ understands little of the ways of online communication.

    And I've always enjoyed fruit-based comparisons :)

  6. Not to worry I get the idea here and our Moderators will move this thread when they can. We also have a blog promotion forum called the Showcase Forum

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