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How many hits a day?

  1. How many hits a day do you guys get normally. Just curious what established bloggers get.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there. I guess you didn't find this earlier thread that has the information you w2ant in it >

  3. I was actually hoping to get an idea of how many per day, not how many total. I'm averaging 10-15 a day wit a few days of 40-50. Just wanted to see what everyone else does.

  4. is a week old and i'm currently averaging about 60 views daily

  5. Hmmm...I am less than a month old and I get about 20 on average with 40 being the high end and 12 on the low end.

  6. I don't remember how long have I been in WP (my archive said somewhere in 2005 but those are posts from my old blog...I moved it to my WP blog) ... right now I'm reaching at least 200 views a day.

  7. I also get 100+ views on saturdays!

  8. i've only been on here for about a week and a half and i'm averaging 50-75 hits a day.

  9. facebook, twitter, and other blogging sites im noticing really help up my traffic count.

  10. I've been blogging since 2002 and here's what this "established blogger's" blogs get: about 2500 a day about 150 a day about 20 a day 1600 or so a day anywhere between 3600 and 300 a day depending on who's linked to me that day.

    So you see there is no particular "normal" number of hits, even for established bloggers.

  11. I've been breaking my own records every time I post a new blog lately.
    Still not at the numbers I'm looking for though.

  12. face it no matter how many hits you get we will never be satisfied! :)

  13. yay! I am now averaging 80 views per day! I so proud! Going up.

  14. BPD is averaging 116 per day .....

  15. Hits? You get hits? I must be doing something wrong...

  16. threestoriestenpoems

    I get about 70 hits a day, on days I post it can range up to 150. I have found though on holidays and some weekends, the hits are generally lower.


  18. 50-150 views a day when I'm not active
    150+ when I am.

  19. Recently been having waves of 8-13k/day. Average maybe 9.5?

    Woah, so many blogs @raincoaster! Are they all

  20. I'm thankful for just one view a day.

  21. Blogging at for a year and a half and roughly 30 hits a day but only when I actively promote them on Linkedin (business blog).

    *sigh* maybe doing something fundamentally wrong. I really don't know!

  22. my blog is pretty new i only set it up about a week ago
    my busiest day was 12 views total for the week is 34, is that good average or above average for a newbie
    i have even had a few comments

    i am blogging about natural beauty products like store bought and home made i am road testing and reviewing and will be sharing a few recipes

    i would love it if anybody interested would subscribe comment and visit my blog

  23. I started my blog last Thursday and I average 459 a day. Check out my blog at

  24. Traffic stats are public information and are available for all blogs so I don't know why threads like this are posted or what people get from them.

    If you want to know what the traffic stats on any blog are simply go here >
    Type in the blog url minus the http://
    Unless the blog owner has suppressed the data you will get traffic stats, demographics and much more

    You can also go here and do the same thing >

    There are also other sources of traffic stats and demographics but i don't have time to supply them.

  25. You lucky people! I've been going for a week(ish) and now averaging about 4 a day.

  26. i think i must be doing something wrong ive had 5 hits in the last three days, ha!

  27. 100 a day so far. Just started though.

  28. somethingsthat

    I suspect some people here are telling fibs. Either that or their blogs are full of words about porn and celebrities.
    I usually get between 7 and 16. Occasionally more and a very freaky 56 on the Saturday before last.

  29. I just started, and I get roughly 500-750 hits a day. Trying to make it to 1000.


  30. -1


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