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How many hits a day?

  1. 400 a day on average over the first 8 days. But I'm controversial humor in style so that'll do it.

  2. wasn't aware that i should get hits. maybe that explains my numbers (or lack of it). lol

  3. I get anywhere between 0-25 per day but I just started last week.

    Check mine out if you get a chance!

  4. I get about 30 hits each day, the 'busiest' day had over 500 views! Haven't got a clue what happened there..

  5. I started with 0 hits. My one year average is 5 hits a day, but the bulk of the traffic has been in the past few months. In December I averaged 20 hits a day, and one day I had 140 hits. 140 hits messes up the graph - makes the rest of the days feel insignificant. I hope that doesn't happen again...

  6. My turtle page finally hit 20 these couple of months :)

  7. I get 100-150 My readers are amazing this is my 3rd week please check out my site :)

  8. I get about 150-200 per day. Seems to stay fairly constant. I have gone a bit blog crazy over the last year and I am now running about 10 blogs all business related + one art blog that gets no traffic as I have not posted on it for a while.

    my first ever blog is

  9. not alot between 20-30 a day,if you have time check out my page,just updated it

  10. Im roughly getting about 3 per day. I have 22 total and 17 have come in the last two days :)

  11. I've been blogging on WordPress since June. The first few months were slow - 5 to 10 hits per day. By the end of the fall I was averaging 20-25 per day. For some reason (maybe because I usually update at least 5x a week?), in January I jumped to 70 per day and so far February has been about 90 per day (the highest day was 230).

  12. OK, Teh Big Web Theory gets his hits due to the blog name I bet. Plus Teh is spelled wrog, could be a google search thing, alot of people mis spell that one.

    My latest post (I am not plugging, I am serious) had a slink to a blog that even though funny as heck, really will get your blog read.

    My yucko blog gets 10-15 hits as well threadstarter.

    I need a better name, interesting stuff to post about and a theme, but at least I am honest and know why people don't follow, even though I built it.

  13. I get around 35 i think two days ago i got 75 i was so happy!

  14. 2 - 45 hits per day

  15. marriedtemporale

    around 110-180

  16. marriedtemporale

    around 110-180

  17. i get from 350-450 a day

  18. I get like 4 hits a day. I don't know if this is the place to mention this, but I'm getting hits from websites that have absolutely nothing to do with my blog, and I can't figure out why.

  19. Those are spam. Just report them to staff via your dashboard Help button.

  20. I was surprised to see this morning I have 102! Wow. Must be because I spent most of sunday blog surfing ... and leaving comments on each blog I read. Now if only 'you' would return the favor when visiting. ;)

  21. Just had my best day of 107. I only post once a week, so I think that influences traffic. My site is growing monthly though!

  22. scottishsceptic

    Half way through the second day of serious posting and so far today I've got 33, but only one comment.

    How many comments should I expect to get a day?

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