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How many hits do you get each day?

  1. I am quite young, so i work on a blog, and it's more of a kids blog (i'm not too young though, haha) and we get about 500-2036 a day, We have achieved 150+ followers, Second most visited Fantagian blog, Rated 2nd Best Blog, 170,000+ Hits, More than 500 views a day,350+ posts and 4,000+ comments, GiftHulk’s Most achieving referrals and AN INSPIRATION!

    How's everyone else going?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also, I am not bragging, I am just excited about our achievements

  3. I'm jealous.

  4. If only I got that many. My best day ever was 311 and I had to post 3 separate stories that day.

  5. crashcourseinself

    Bethany: What's the blog URL? Your site doesn't come up as a wordpress blog.

    @timechief/@robrubin: Don't be jealous! Different blog types get different amounts and type of clicks/visits.

    Also, I suspect this was an advertisement by the original poster. ;)

  6. crashcourseinself

    Aaaaaand, I take it back. There is a blog for bethanyrox:

    It's SO different from either of your blogs that it's not even fair to compare.

  7. The blog has been deleted.

  8. Menu/Page overload!

  9. all blog types are different (like crashcourseinself said) I do not know how we got that many hits

    Yeah there's a bit to many pagers, I am taking some down, also we are "trying" to get over some drama ( *sign*)

  10. Sorry I didn't put in the url, I forgot, I feel dumb now -_-

  11. Hey what is fantage? Thats so great of an accomplishment I couldn't even compare lol. Great job! I was happy to find out I got 56 visits yesterday! I never had anywhere near that amount! I think it was because I've been looking around the Forums more. Go forums!

  12. My most in one day was 1,579. My average per day is 100-250, and I currently have 210 followers. My advice is to keep active in these forums, and visit other blogs that are similar to yours.

  13. Nowhere near those figures! Only post one per week. As long as hit at least 2K per month I'm happy.

  14. Well, I've been here now for six months and on my busiest day I had.........78 hits! Only a fraction of some blog sites but I am quite happy with that. I've had 1,200+ in those months overall.

  15. Good grief, those are good stats. 273 on my best day. I'm averaging about 150 a day at the moment, 100 a day last month, so maybe that'll rise to 200 a day next month. Very impressive you are getting 500-2000 hits with 150 followers. You must have a good external traffic feed.

  16. Haha! I started about a week ago and get 20-50 visits per day :p Compared to you guys it's nothing, but I hope to get more little by little soon! Congratulations for all your wonderful stats!

  17. @katazcrack. That's really impressive. My first month I had 100 hits total.

  18. haha i have lesser hits than all of you i only have 20 hits below per day its not good stats i know but still im really happy, because im not that interesting blogger and my blog is not also the most interesting but still there are some viewe visited my blog. ü

  19. oops what i mean there is viewers not viewe

  20. impressive? lol thanks, I wish my content was better too... it seems that I always come up with better frases when I am in impossible places, like the middle of the forest or the bathroom where I can't write, haha then I poop out those posts... *facepalm* sheesh...
    thanks anyways though!!

  21. I average about 56 each day my best day so far was 156 seems like am about to have 1600 for this month :-)

  22. I started about a fortnight ago. At first my hits per day were all over the place, but they're settling down to about 25ish a day now - I'm hoping it means that I'm getting the same readership coming back each time, which seems something to build upon. Ten followers too, which is encouraging.

    A question to anyone who is averaging 100 hits per day or more... How long did it take you to reach that ? Did you just get a steady climb or did you have a run of a few 'golden' blogs. I'm just interested in the type of frame I'm looking at for growth and if my blog is 'working', although I'm sure this doesn't have a predictable, simple formula for assessment.

    Anyhow - well done everyone for doing your thing and keeping going - regardless of how many hits you're receiving.

  23. I've been on WP for a week, and have had an average of 120 hits per day. My "best" day had 210 hits which was my fourth day of blogging.

    I'm writing about my journey towards recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My blog's goal is not to have a million followers, since I write mostly for my own benefit. However, if I can help others through my writing, I consider that an added bonus.

    My blog is not for everyone - as it addresses my memories of being molested as a child, and how it has impacted my life since. I write to went, I write to purge, I write to stay sane.

    I have 22 followers and a appreciate every single one.

    I don't know if this was at all helpful, but this has been my experience on WP so far.

    Good luck with your blogging.

  24. greyroompictures: It took me about three months to build up about 100 views per day average. It only started this month, but since I add new content every day, search engines pick up my content more often. I write about popular things, like how the Hunger Games is one huge allusion to ancient Rome, why the Hunger Games is so popular and why zombies are so scary (which you read!). I appreciate every single one of my 37 followers, but search engines are a huge part of my traffic. Once I got better at SEO, my hits began rolling in. Just keep going, is my advice.

  25. My total was.............0 views yesterday. *sob*. But like kyllingsara says, my blog isn't ever ones cup of tea as it's theme is M/M gay stories and romance. But I have 20 followers three of which comment regularly. Bless em. :)

  26. readytochangenow

    That's not a fun way to spend your birthday - how do you get to your blog? It isn't linked to your name.

  27. readytochangenow

    Nevermind - found it!

  28. I am not sure...probably under 100 per blog per day. I have 2 plus 3rd one that is still looked at.

    The reason why I'm not sure is that I just don't wonder about it much anymore. I'm more interested where those readers are generally located in the world, country-wise.

  29. I running at a daily average of 331 for this month. Will that stay? Who knows.

    Will have to wait and see.

    Don't worry Jessie - you and I have smaller demographics than some! :)

  30. I'd love an average of over a hundred a day!

    Naturally, my Has Been Who Never Was regulars are all highly intelligent, incredibly gorgeous and exceptionally rare individuals - which explains my low average hit count... lol

    *stands back to receive influx of followers who want to join the bright and beautiful people...*

    That... didn't work did it ?!?!?!?


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