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How many hits do you get each day?

  1. @updownright
    You're very lucky to have such a great start. Keep it up =)

    I was on the back foot for the last couple of months but my stats are above average for those 2 months. Strange! Even when my co-author is a lazy bluffer who never posts but keeps the ball rolling only in the forums.

  2. mynameisprobablyamber

    I got three yesterday and 25 today. This is my second day with this blog. My last one I got about a hundred a day, and I had fifteen subscribers, twelve who I knew. Yay!

  3. Wow, count me in with the jealous people. I think on my busiest day I got 37.

  4. becomingcliche

    Usually about three hits before I get sick of it and put him down for a nap. We're talking about my kid, right?

  5. My max is 610 hits, back in October 2009 a few days after I started the blog. (I had a large audience as a Club Penguin blogger four, five, six years ago (500 a day) and after stepping away from blogging for about six months, I still kept in touch with my online friends hahaha.)

    This year has been much better than last year so far. I'm averaging 60 hits a day this year (up from 42 last year) and I'm definitely happy with that, especially considering I seldom post (though 80% of my traffic comes from one post hahaha).

  6. My max for my newest blog on skepticism is 100 views in a day, and the other day I got around 50 views, but on average it's around 25 views a day I think. I'm quite happy about that though because the blogs less than a month old.
    My art blog which has been going for almost a year gets barely any views. Has almost 50 followers though and the posts get a good few likes so I'm not too bothered about the page views. Overall I'm quite happy with how my two blogs are doing.

  7. diaryofaphatkat

    My best day was when I got 910 hits - all because my husband had his 2 week old blog post about holding a hamburger properly freshly pressed.

    Since then, I average about 100-150 hits a day. Not too bad, but I can't help but think he helped me out with that!

  8. I strongly recommend installing the Top Posts widget. I did so a few days ago and I'm getting about 100 hits a day, about double what I used to get.

    I'm surprised WP doesn't make that a standard feature for all blogs - Recent Posts is a bit pointless seeing as readers can easily scroll down to read recent entries.

  9. Currently my top posts are the recent posts. I should install that widget though when the blogs been up a bit longer with more stuff there.
    The last few days on Skeptical Monsters I've been getting between 50-70 views, double what I'd previously been getting. I'm hoping it stays that way, nice seeing large numbers XD Now just gotta try get more people commenting and sharing their opinions.

  10. well when I started I was averaging about 100-150 views per day then I went on hiatus and it stayed pretty steady even with no recent activity for a good 7/8 months at like 30-50 views a day with small spikes in between usually up to 100 or so views... Then I recently came back,

    now I'm averaging at about 250-300 views per day but that's because I wrote this post about that new snow white movie that came out about a cover song I did on one of the songs on that movie soundtrack etc... Well turns out I was the first one to do a cover of that song since the movie came out, and I tagged properly and I'm one of the very first things that comes up when you search the artists name and the song name or the movie name and the artist name. So a LOT of my traffic is now coming in on that and it's being siphoned to other areas of my blog as well as my social networks and youtube. Which is AWESOME. right place right time I guess. I had 324 views on my busiest day so far, and I have 432 followers now which was 414 only a few hrs ago.

    Man tagging stuff really works. Tagging stuff properly... works even better!


  11. I write A LOT and most of my posts are lengthy. But my blog serves as my personal diary of sorts and I have plenty on my mind, which would explain the nature of my posts. My record is 601 hits and I average 230 hits per day. My blog is two and a half months old and I plan on blogging for a good while since I don't think I'll be reaching the end of my journey towards recovery soon.

    But a journey is just that - fluid and ever changing, so I might continue to blog even after I have reached a more stable place in my life. I am documenting the challenges my mental illness throws at me, both in order to maintain perspective but also to keep track of everything that goes on in my mind. In addition to this, I've found that venting is a good thing - even if it's just in writing.

    I welcome everyone who would like to share my journey along with me, but also the ones whose journey I get to share with them. After all, we are in this pond together - whether we like it or not.

  12. I get a really paltry number of hits. My best day I got 44. Most days I'll get between 5 and ten. Overall, I've gotten 1,143. And this is since November. Not good dudes, not good.

  13. 14,083,753 each day give or take.

    I don't even check stats anymore. Most hits people get on blogs aren't even readers. They're Google Image searchers looking for a picture.

  14. On days when I post, around 50. When I don't post, which is most days, anywhere from 0-30. In total I just cracked 600 views, which isn't poor considering I've had my blog around 5 weeks. My problem is that I need to post more often!

  15. On my blog Computer Learn How I get around 200 - 300 hits per day but my site is only 3 months old. Im just starting to get organic from google (over 150 from google today) so hopefully its getting better

  16. Maybe I need to change blog tactics! Reviewing movies gave me 100 hits on my best day, although I have only been going less than a week. After reading all this it seems I need to get the hang of tagging. Definitely gives me something to aim for when I see people in here getting the stats they are. Good job folks :)

  17. Well, my problem is that I don't blog as often as I should so I got 55 on my best day and average about 2-30 daily.

  18. I used to get about 20 views a day, then recently, I've begun to get about 100, which is nice :)

  19. I got 70,000 hits on my best day. I'm trying to turn my blog into a commercial proposition. anyone have any advice on that?


  20. What is happening elsewhere around the globe, because I'm down 20% on last week, so far this week. Very demoralising.

  21. Well I'm feeling like a slacker! I don't get many hits...but I keep chickening out of sharing my blog with people I actually know! A few times, when I was particularly happy with a post I put it on Facebook....& then a few hours later removed it from FB!

  22. @teamoyeniyi I think there's a general trend that when schools and universities are out for summer break (in the United States, anyway), readership goes down. Mainly because there's less students online doing research --- or idly surfing the net when doing research. Plus there's everyone taking time off for vacation, which they don't typically spend surfing the net.

  23. Posting about European Football (soccer) Tournament in Poland and Ukraine, make my blog receive twice -triple times hits more since June 8.

  24. LOL - perhaps I should get my husband to write an appropriate post!

  25. bohemianbreakdancer

    My best day was 400 hits, when I accidentally placed the posted into the wrong category on Reddit. Usually I get between 5 and 20 hits a day - a little short of my target of 1,000,000.

  26. Haha, bohemianbreakdancer, nice one.

    As for an answer to the question of this thread, I started my free WordPress dot com blog in mid March this year, and am amazed that to date (over 3 months) the number of hits on my Site has reached 27,000. My stats show an average of 56 per day for March, then averages of 188 per day for April and 354 per day for May. We are now in the 26th day of June, and my average is 356 hits per day in the month of June.

    I agree with what a person has said before in this thread, that many viewers get to a site via an image search. However, that is not to say the people using image searches do not browse or glance through the actual post containing the image.

    Then again, having said that, I have the feeling, because there are hardly any Likes of my blog posts and there are even fewer Comments by Bloggers; and of course, by my viewing the specific stats on pages/posts visited, that the appeal of my topic or theme is that it is quite educational. I conclude that it is found and viewed by many school students (whom don't care to leave comments and are not WP bloggers so don't "Like" the posts).

    If you open this document here, you will find a screen dump showing the most visited pages of my site over the past 7 days. You can see 400 views of the "Aristocats". My post on "Animal Taxonomy" has always had a high number of views, and incidentally, is my favourite post on my primary blog.

    I think that if your blog is educational and if it appeals or is useful to a big section of people (such as High School students, computer trainees, people who love food or art or music or news, etc), that is a good start to get hits. A

    I think, also, that a Blog needs to be well designed, easy to navigate, friendly, fun, and contain a diverse range of good content.

  27. Sorry for replying to myself, but I just noted I didn't give a link to the Blog I am talking about. I thought my Gravatar would show my blogs, but one can't click on the Gravatars in this forum, and recently I linked my username (via Settings on WordPress) to my new Blog, which covers many different topics.

    So, below is the link to my primary Blog, "Fascinating Animals", which is the one I refer to above.

    Fascinating Animals

  28. @starwise149 Very cool insight. Thank you for sharing. Your site is interesting. I am curious, why did you start the blog? How do you promote it? Where are people coming from? The reason I am asking is I am trying to gauge how to increase traffic to my blog and why people start the blogs that they do.

    This is a personal questions and if you do not feel comfortable answering, I understand. Do you plan on monetizing your blog?

    The reason for this question, other people can chime in, is I am trying to get an understanding how much traffic a site has to attract to start to become attractive to advertisers. I have no idea how that works.

    Also @starwise149, I am not sure if you are aware or if it was intentional, however on your most recent post it says Vist, instead of Visit.

    My blog is DoughMarket

  29. Hi Brandon, thanks for your reply and for the interest. I started my blog "Fascinating Animals" in March this year simply to share my love of and interest in our animal world !! I guess as I love writing & reading and I'm a quadruple Virgo (4 planets in Virgo) and love information, and have used Blogger and My Space, etc. I thought I'd turn my hand at expressing my interests via WordPress.

    I don't plan to monetize either of my 2 WP blogs, and I do think that it is somewhat the "luck of the draw" as to the number of hits that a Blog gets. Also, I think that people who go to a site go there because of a very specific topic or theme, like with my new Blog, the majority search terms have been "ice cream" and "green lady" which has led them to my blog posts about twins and the metaphor of ice-cream, and to my post about the Chinese Green Lady print by Tretchikoff.

    Even with my FA blog, the word doc I attached above shows a huge number of visits for just a handful of blog posts cum topics, so a skewed distribution for all my blog posts, if you like, indicating just several topics/issues of interest to readers of that blog. I guess that "taxonomy" is a perennial subject at school, haha, which I accidentally tapped into.

    I'd like to say also that on my FA site, I did try to get Comments on my blog by doing a post recently for a "free give-away" but only one person (and that was one of my active Followers) participated. I came to the conclusion from that experiment, that readers of my FA site don't care about showing appreciation or acknowledgement of my efforts, and as not many WP Bloggers comment or like posts there altogether, I conclude the viewers are mainly school students.

    Curiously enough, my new Blog is getting Likes on all posts by WP Bloggers, and I think this is because it covers a big range or spectrum of topics/themes, including food, art, crafts and more to come, which somehow Bloggers find, I think perhaps through exploring topics on WordPress dot com.

    Can you please tell me the title of my post in which there is the spelling mistake of "vist" rather than "visit"? Sorry, I had a quick look but can't find it to correct it. I must correct it though, being a fussy quadruple Virgo that I am.

    Once again, thanks for your interest, and it is great to share our thoughts and experiences, I agree also. I am not sure what criteria are required for advertisers to want to advertise on your blog, but perhaps a search on the WP Forums will yield the answers you seek.

    Best regards to you & Dough Market, Brandon.


  30. Me again, again. Sorry Brandon, on looking back, I see that I didn't answer one of your above questions. I do very little to promote either of my 2 Blogs. I don't use Publicize to Facebook because I hate to add a continuous stream of links to my friends' FB pages, of which I know well that many links will not be of interest to them. I have manually shared some WP blog posts with my friends on FB, but only one of the many "friends" there visited my blog from FB. I also don't want the application that is used to publicise to Facebook to get access to my information.

    To add to my reply above, there may be 2 streams of audiences of blog posts - WP Bloggers whom are perhaps mainly (but not all) post teenagers, and School Students whom are literally at school, aged up to 17 or 18, likely to be mainly teenagers and perhaps not likely to be WP bloggers (because their mums won't allow them to be). That's a lot of speculation, and now my head hurts, so that is the end for now.

    Regards, Celine aka Star Wise :)

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