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How many hits do you get each day?

  1. Hey Everyone,

    My third day on WP and have hit 327 hits as my busiest day with over 700 overall.

    Massively happy with that considering it is a niche blog about a local Australian Rules football club.

    If any of you aren't sure what Aussie Rules is, have a look at to get an idea.

    Cheers and good luck.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Very informative! I started my blog at the end of January 2012 and I am averaging 2000 views/ day now. Highest was a few days ago- almost 3000. I have 40 followers. It's so hard to know what is a 'normal' amount of daily views, so thanks for satisfying my curiosity :)

  3. I started my blog in May, though I changed up the content at the end of last month and "revamped" it.

    I'm averaging 17 hits a day.
    I had 54 hits on my busiest day.
    I've had 823 hits altogether.

  4. It depends on how many people stop by my blog. ;-)

  5. @mattconlon
    You have been gently told by another blogger that you are not welcome to promote your blog here. Your response was to amp up your posting here in a forum your don't belong in rather than blogging off. Your blog is not part of the community and these forums are only for bloggers. Please find another place to promote your blog. Thanks, in advance, for listening.

  6. I'm averaging around 7000 a day right now. =D

  7. @dreager1
    How are you getting 7000 views a day? Are you promoting your blog or using a keyword strategy?

  8. @Brandonmlewin Well it was tough. Took 3 years and only since around May have I been cracking those numbers. I don't have a Twitter (yet) or Facebook so I haven't promoted it that way. I use more local methods. Telling members of my family, people I meet outside, things like that. It all helps a bit.

    One thing that I'd say helps is joining other sites and participating. Chances are that they will click on your name and it will take that person to your blog. Also Dubhappy's chat is a good placeto start. It has a 5% success rating for me because it only worked once. Still since 90% of the comments in the chat room are spam it's not adviseable for many to go there.

    As for Keyword Strategy do you mean if the site tells me that most people look up Superman, then I would make more Superman articles? Because if so, then yes :) Currently my top fighters include Godzilla, Lazerman, and Spiderman. So I've made sure to give them a lot of fights.

    In my opinion views just come in time and with posts. As long as you keep your blog going, spread the word, and have fun then it'll happen at some point. Your title can be important. Because if it's not taken and someone googles it, yours can be the first link which would help a lot!

  9. I run a blog here: with a friend that focuses on Japanese sci-fi and other general geek stuff like comics and whatnot. We started it about three years ago (migrated over to last year though) Our average for the longest time was somewhere in the neighborhood of 600-700 views per month and about 30 views on a good day. We managed to be the first English site to break a certain story last month and that exploded us to nearly 3,000 views that day. Since then we've averaged about 300 views per day. It's not crazy high, but we're happy with it. (it feels really good to know people are actually reading what you write)

  10. @jessielansdel--I bet those 20 followers of yours really read and enjoy your posts, as opposed to glancing at them to see what some celebrity was wearing or what image they can grab!

    I'm really wondering why my stats have gotten so high (for me) but hardly anyone ever comments! I know they are reading / clicking on pages not just coming and leaving because I have another stats counter that counts actual visitors and I have many more page views than visitors.

    On the one hand I feel really happy that, after a year plus I'm up to where I'm on the first page of google results for my topic--a very obscure craft--sometimes I'm the first result depending on how you spell it. The actual views are around 300 a day now, which is a big increase even from 3 months ago, and they seem to still be climbing (knock wood). But I don't get why so few of them say "hi!" or 'thanks for the tutorial'!! People have links to me, but they hardly ever comment...Makes me feel lonely and popular at the same time.

    Re the posts on this thread asking somebody else "how do you get so many stats?" I think it's like comparing apples and left-handed scissors. It so much depends on your topic/ how big your potential audience is, and how many other bloggers are writing similar blogs that you are essentially competing with... Plus of course just how long you've been plugging along consistently making posts that offer something people want. It would make no sense for me compare my stats to a celebrity gossip blog or a sports blog or a cute animals blog (I go for those, myself)!

  11. Y'all are amazing. Whether you are new and still building or have a peppy, loyal readership or are hitting it out of the ballerpark.

    I've read through this entire thread and I hope no one ever feels overly discouraged. It takes time. I have a small readership and I'm very content. Which is surprising because in real life I have a very demanding, needy ego. ;)

    Anyway, the only thing that really has worked for me is making sure I have fresh, creative content (not waiting MONTHS in between blogging, ouch) and promoting the hell out of it. Reddit and Stumble = Godsend.

  12. how do I get followers??

  13. @4seasonsgirl
    People come to blogs to read unique content they cannot find anywhere else. If they find the content to be interesting then they follow the blog. As a blogger you need to create fresh content that cannot be found anywhere else and publish it frequently to attract followers.

  14. @4seasonsgirl
    Do you notice what the topic is in this thread? People are asking each other how many hits they get. Well, that information is public.

  15. @timetheif
    cool, I was wondering how people get so many followers and hits.
    do you work for wordpress?

  16. Not creating a blog for the purpose of purely advertising external amazon links helps.

  17. @ardpete

    I mean, it seemed like it could be a decent marketing strategy.

  18. Also against Terms of Service which is why your blogs now suspended.

  19. I average on 30 hits a day. It's so low because I've only recently started to post more often and participate more in the community. But I don't really mind.

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