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how many hits do you have?

  1. how many hits do you have im just wondering because i only have 440?

  2. As of an hour ago.... 645

  3. Eight hundred billion!

    Okay, 763.

  4. webkinzarebetterthanyou

    haha ha ha ha!
    11,000! well a little more. :) But I know someone who has about 14,000,000!! no lie!!

  5. 237

  6. I’ve only had about 70.

  7. forever

  8. i have 550 now

  9. got two meny two mansion!

  10. I started a blog on Nov 13 2008, and I've got more than 13 thousand hits. I never thought I could be bombastic blogging in bahasa indonesia... Heheheh...

  11. Only 89 in total. :D Lol.

  12. About 10?

  13. 60.5k or so on the old one and this one's doing 26k...

  14. This is so exciting! has anyone recieved like billions? I'd totally go there (;

  15. 1003 on my main blog :D :D

  16. oh, you mean over all, I got..


    Busiest day: 7,514 — Sunday, December 7, 2008

    Views today: 1,091

  17. 3,667 since i started oct 13

  18. 219,766 since march 2008

  19. well, since kevingeorg went there with the bragging, I'll say that my busiest day was,

    26,489 in August 11, what, :-)

  20. 1,461,835

  21. 10,751 came out in sept 08

  22. About 50

  23. 2,349 as of right now.

  24. 47608 total views!

  25. paperdreamer, I know you! I was over in your hood at Barnes & Noble, just today. Now I've gotta go look at your blog! Oh, I'm not sticking to the thread. I might have 779,346 total views, or I could be making that up. :P

  26. I got bruises all over my body so please don't you hit me :P

  27. Steve, Your numbers overshadow mine -_-;;

    You renovated your blog!

  28. Paper, I've been blogging a lot longer than you and would hope my numbers would be higher :P Man, you must've been outta dodge for a while! I haven't 'renovated' in like 6 months....

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