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how many hits do you have?

  1. i just crossed 5,000

  2. 18,000

  3. Finally crossed over the million and a-half mark!! As of right now, the total number of hits is 1,501,394.

  4. Whatever number of hits I have it isn't enough. :)

  5. 227,763

  6. huhu.. i haven't crossed anything yet.. aiyaiyai~ 49hits

  7. well now you have crossed the 50 hits threshold.

  8. Visit now and I'll cross the 1532-hit threshold.

  9. 228,428

    omar I visited your blog too many times (2 times today but technically you got 3 hit counts from me since I click on the actual post to comment), I feel stalker-ish and bored, LOL

  10. Am I being stalked? Should I be worried?! WHAT A MINUTE!

  11. OMG NO!!! just playing,
    and can you stop using "what a minute" that phrase will never become popular.

  12. Yeah, I figured as much. I'll have to come up with something else :/

    By the way ... how do I cancel a stalker report? Do I just call them again and say never mind! or will that just make things worse?

  13. STOP!!! But, as someone who has actually had a stalker before, I would say that all you have to do is call them and they will cancel that.

  14. Really? Just like that?

  15. yeah, they aren't going to waste time with paper work if the person you say really isn't a stalker.

  16. Yeah, but what if they're holding you at gunpoint and forcing you to cancel the report?
    (OMG screenplay idea!)

  17. Well, that makes since, but my cousin works for the police department and this lady was able to cancel the report over the phone, she reported the stalker 5 hours before she canceled, so I guess it wasn't serious. The process isn't really hard to go through, plus my stalker was sent to lockup.
    I say if you were forced by gun point you would be freaking out sounding like a little bitch over the phone, so the cops would know something was up and probably not cancel the report. And, that would sound like a boring movie, I think a movie like this was already done, but then again, I'm just not much of a fan of movies, unless they feature Will Smith and are animated features like Ice Age and Finding Nemo

  18. You must love Shark Tale, then. Will Smith + animation :P
    And it wouldn't make a boring movie if the person is being held at gunpoint by ... ALIENS. I can see an Oscar nomination on the horizon!

  19., cant see an Oscar in sight...unless! the aliens are gay and can dance.

    I did love Shark Tale.

  20. not enough.....are you guys finding that hits from alphainventions don't translate into further page views? What's up with that?

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