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How many hits have you gotten today?

  1. ChicaBlog: somewhere between 3 and 10...
    WWE: 3
    I'm not trying to sound like I'm upset, I'm just curious.

  2. I just gave you another on chicablog ;)

    My main blog: 32
    My ESL teaching blog: 59
    My mother's fantastic lace-making blog/site thing that i administer for her: 34

  3. I gave you one, too :-)

  4. Where did that darn 'edit' button go?

    Eh, I'm too hungry...

  5. How does it go...oh yeah...

    "If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain and bitter;
    for always there will be greater and lesser hitbaiters than yourself.
    Enjoy your posts as well as your stats. "

  6. Just because she's asking doesn't mean she's expecting to be in the top 100, and just because i answered doesn't mean i expect to be either.

    Us lowballers need to stick together ;)

  7. exactly what judyb said.

  8. Alright, fair enough. I've had 1955 so far.

  9. show off!

  10. Today, 27. Not too much but I've only had my blog for a little less than a month.

  11. 1,166 on the main blog, 621 on the webcomic

    [Link fixed - drmike]

  12. @drmike
    The webcomic link needs a "fix".

    Edit: ;)

  13. Thanks :)

  14. I suggest posting this will embitter people and I get shouted down, post, and get called a showoff? I suggest my point has been proven.

  15. *shrug* Well if you're ashamed of your numbers... :)

  16. You know how shy I am.

  17. yup, raincoaster's the blogger's equivalent of pam anderson! ;)

    err, when it comes to being shameless, that is. not particularly the porn bit.

  18. not particularly the porn bit

    As far as you know, that is....I suggest you search my blog, page after page. Not that you'll find any porn that way, but I suggest you do it anyway, as you'll totally ramp up my hits.

  19. you may not be known for the porn, but you sure are a hit whore!

  20. You ain't seen nuthin' yet. Unless this is another April Fool's prank, I've been nominated for a Best of Blogs award!. There will be no living with me now! Okay, so it's not exactly a Bloggie, but it's got a cute badge and everything!

  21. Isn't this the second thread you mentioned this in now? ;)

    I've had 78 hits so far, but then again, the day is only 8 hours young over here.

  22. Only the second? Excuse me, I have work to do...

  23. I'm uncomfortable on my own forum page thingy...

    ..."STIFFEN UP (my name here)! THAT'S WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT"

  24. Raincoaster is a straight shooter and so am I chica. You can play with us big kids or you can do as sulz previously suggested and find a teen forum. Either way you won't be guaranteed that anyone will make concessions for your feelings of discomfort here or anywhere else. This forum is tamer and much, much nicer than many I've turned away from.
    The bottom line is: Feeling uncomfortable in this thread or anywhere else in the world is a choice you make. Do what you need to do to feel safe knowing that we are under no obligation to change to meet your needs.

  25. I'm at about 6,000 today.

  26. Rub it in, eh? Just joking - good for you. :)
    My stats are way down.

  27. engtech, have I mentioned how appreciated you are around here? I think we all know who's the real leader at WordPress...gosh, your latest posts have been symphonies of elegance and intelligence, truly I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    Have you voted for me yet?

    Also: 715 hits at 08:15. I'm down 12%.

  28. I voted for you as soon as I saw it in my feed reader. :)

  29. I will toughen up. I'm a teenager, and I should learn how to deal with this stuff.

  30. 33. That's about normal for me. KEEPING IT REAL! Real low.

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