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How many hits have you gotten today?

  1. Up to 4...a 200% increase over yesterday. I'm on fire!!!

  2. 2,725 hits today.

  3. stitchesandknits

    I started advertising my blog, so Im up to 12 hits today

  4. How do you get people to go to your page

  5. 1250 so far today

  6. 2,361 hits today.

  7. A piss load. Thanks, Robert Pattinson!

  8. is a piss load different then a shit load?

  9. It is. Where one is more like <i>shit</i>, the other is more like <i>piss</i>. I hope this thorough explanation helps clear the air.

  10. Oh, God. My html is showing. Prom is ruined.

  11. Yeah, shitty html skills mixed with a piss horrible explanation does equal a ruined prom :P

  12. I think I got 1,000,000 but it's been a slow day. Oh wait it was closer to 300 hits.

  13. legionarionconquistad0r7

    at my usual average of ~40 views.

  14. I'm getting a TON of hits on my Steve Jobs = Cthulhu post, but I feel pretty queasy about it. It's because everyone expects him to die soon.

  15. theunhappycamper


  16. 0. I guess I'm pretty boring

  17. I got 2481, down from 4178, but it's due to everyone wanting to look at Steve Jobs when he was healthy.

  18. Rain,
    I am catching up on you~ LOL~

  19. 16

    My second best day yet! lol

  20. An even 100. A first for me!!! but I feel bad now because the post is about me being sick and I wonder if people are mistaking me that apple guy that raincoaster is talking about. Geez, I hope not.

  21. Well, hopefully you're in better shape.

    Didn't break 2000 today, despite a really funny video. I need to post more.

  22. Ha ZERO
    Fairly new blog, and I`m not to frazzled about hits,
    just a place to hold all my creativities.

  23. So far 6.... I really desperately need to hit about 25 and call it a day.. :P

  24. i just started my blog

    can l get some hits please?

  25. I tried you tkammyus, but your blog is suspended !? Want to tell us why ?

  26. theunhappycamper


  27. Is this the post that never ends? :) I'll contribute to that:

    My blog is up to 439 hits today, and has been averaging over 400 per day lately. Not too bad for my ramblings!

  28. Rain,

    I am catching up on you because you are slowing down. LOL~
    I still don't know how to market the blog the way you experts do.


  29. thirteen today so far! :)

  30. 32. Go read my stuff, maybe you'll like it. :D

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