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How many hits have you gotten today?

  1. Hey

  2. 2,604 hits today.

  3. Just broke 2200, thanks to a bunch of knuckledraggers on Reddit who mistook a Worth1000 image for a photograph. I mean, it was clearly marked Worth1000, and it was LINKED to Worth1000. I thought all the knucklewalkers were on Digg?

  4. 75 so far.

  5. sensuouscurmudgeon

    I just discovered this thread and looked at the last 2 pages. It seems that the people who post here are either getting thousands of daily hits or else it's dozens. Very few in between.

    Are there any statistics showing how all the WordPress blogs are doing? You know, something like 5% get over a thousand a day, 15% get over 500, etc. Also, are there any figures like that showing Google PageRank?

    It doesn't really matter, because we're all going to plug along, doing what we do. But it would be interesting to see the big picture.

  6. 46, my biggest day ever..I know it's not a lot, but I'm really getting into this

    I welcome any suggestions or thoughts?

  7. 0... I lost my password and have been rocking none for about a month

  8. I got one hit today >:(

  9. temporarlyinsane

    33 yesterday, 0 today... Busiest day had 78 hits.

  10. Yeah, baby! Total for my blog:

    Blog Stats

    * 2,300,012 hits

    Operation Global Media Domination thanks you all!

  11. Just got 10...

    Won't you please come read my psychobabble folks?

    Oh, and Golf Clap for raincoaster. That's wild.

  12. Thanks. "Read the rest of this entry" isn't helping you, trust me. It pumps up hits in the short run, but costs you readers in the long run.

  13. Point taken. Will sort that out shortly.

  14. @sensuouscurmudgeon: Is that necessary?

    724 for now... And... OMG~ How the fkuc can I get into the 2000 league? LOL~ Come on, baby! Teach me teach me! Me all ears~

  15. Like 3...
    I'm new to all of this and am trying to find my "thing" to write about...
    anndddd i've been trying to figure wordpress out on my own instead of being the newbie asking all the repetitive questions...

  16. 111 today, good start of the day i guess

  17. I can teach you. My consulting rate is $150 per hour.

  18. @Rain: LOL~ That's pretty cheap considering the master-ess of World Media Domination is teaching.
    I'd top it up with a kiss every hour to make the deal sweeter, provided you a beauty. LOL~

    Come on, just teach us, Rain.

  19. 7 trillion. But seriously, 4 trillion. Okay, okay, literally? 10 trillion.

  20. Like 96. :P

    Not many but considering the age of my blog... not too bad. :)

  21. 1,950 hits today.

  22. 2087 but only because I whored out my Peaches Geldof post on Gawker. I don't respect myself!

  23. 2,012 hits for today.

  24. 640 views on the 11th. Not too shabby considering I only started this blog last month.

  25. Only like 13, I totally need to pick up the pace. Great job everyone.

  26. 1,826 hits for today.

  27. 298 so far today, a new record.

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