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How many Online users

  1. Hello,

    can somebody help me
    how can i make this feature on my blog --->

  2. I can't see this tiny image well enough to determine what "this" is. If it's javascript, flash or another embed, or a form the answer will be "no" due to security reasons. My suspicion is that any feature that tells you who is online will be one you cannot have on a multi-user blogging platform like this one wordpress MU. So please point me to the code. :)

  3. i uploaded the image new

    check it out now

    i hope u can help me

  4. The image is not very useful. You have so many I don't know which one it is. It's the code that's crucial and I'm betting its going to be javascript.

  5. The image was quite useful to me (enlarge the photo). The blog is hosted here on If you look at the source of the page, it shows that it is a text widget with a link to an image source. The actual counter info is here

  6. WOW! magnifying it made all the difference (I'm vision challenged) - now what does the code look like, I wonder?
    Harun88 have you tried to put the code into a text widget?

  7. The code isn't javascript, it's a link to an image source. From looking at the website, you set up an account and they do the tracking. You just link to the image source which has the data.

  8. It's not even an image. It's just a link. I just put it on my blog to see if it works. I don't know yet if I'll keep it or not.

  9. I added this to my blog without problems. The code is something link this:

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="users online"/></a>

  10. I've been using the "users online" for quite sometime now, it's not a javascript, just a link. There's another cool one, it also track your visitors geographical location with tiny image flag. Try it here, it's free.

  11. thanx for all ur help

    i got the code now

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