How Many People Can Read My Blog?

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    On Blogspot, I believe that only 100 people can be reading my other blog at any given time, so I guess I would like someone out there who knows to tell me how many hits can a person get in a single day on their Blog at WordPress.Com? I have gotten as many as 500-600 a day on the other blog but it seems to have settled out at around 300.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can have as may hits as you need. We don’t throttle traffic here at


    I have had over 1000 hits to my blog on a single day.



    There’s one blog that had something like 100 million hits in two days.


    i uploaded a photo, but i don’t see it anywhere


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    Please don’t hijack threads. Your question has nothing to do with the op (original post). Please start a topic about your problem in a new thread.

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