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how many people have a club penguin acount?

  1. how many of u play club penguin?

  2. i do

  3. The place for this is in the off topic forum, not here in the technical support forum.

  4. Yes I agree with sacred path, but I think at least 10% of blogger blog about club penguin. I wonder if I have a CP account, humm let me think.

  5. I've talked to some of the staff, and they say it is more than that. They also told me that some of the most technically pimped-out blogs are Club Penguin blogs, because the kids just keep trying things until they work. They're more experimental in terms of coding and such.

  6. It seems as if there are approx. 4,631,982 of them.

  7. I think that's just the # of blogs chewy pup is affiliated with.

  8. I was going to say the same as museditions.

  9. Hell... I think I would rather gargle glass shards...

  10. I was going to say the same as kstaff, actually.

  11. I have one. I also have a blog about it too.

  12. Whats up with this club penguin stuff... 1 out of 15 random blogs I click on are club penguin... I suggest that they have a *club penguin exclude* button from the random blog feature :D

    *waits for support to open to suggest idea*

  13. i don't mean to sound dim, but what is Club Penguin? I presume it has nothing whatsoever to do with the cute animal

  14. It has everything to do with the cute animal...

    See here.

  15. Wow =O

  16. You know... Disney is behind all this.... (even CP bloggers think CP is sometimes to dramay)

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