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How many people have been on your blog?

  1. How many people have been on your blog so far share it with me please :)

  2. 1,261,017

    You can put the Stats widget in your sidebar and it will show all of them.

  3. oh kool!

  4. No where near as many as Rain, but 323,925 (in nearly 8 months...).

  5. Which is a much more significant hit rate, if you think about it. Mine is over 23 months.

  6. 713,875 in 19 months.

    Not too bad for such an eclectic, eccentric blog!!

  7. I've never had a visitor, ever. Come visit and talk to me. Now.

    Except you, funkydudetrollpersonwithoutablog.

    Gosh you guys were suqers. Patient though I'll give you that :) Answered his questions as sweet as could be, even Rain! But nobody ever asked for that blog. hahaha...

  8. Not at all: I figured with a number like that it would cut the conversation short. I should have made it bigger.

  9. Still you Rain! ;)

  10. What can I say? I'm a size queen.

  11. I've had just 265 in two months. I'm a bit of a novice at blogging, though I'm passionate about getting readers - how do you advertise yourself? How do you get seen? Besides just your friends...

  12. Use the Search box on the forum. There are tons of posts about the topic.

  13. A great idea is to "streak" across professional sports stadiums during major events with your blog URL written in marker on your chest. That always seems to work when I'm in a pinch for new traffic.

  14. I get one hit a day, and that's my mother. She's very proud though.

  15. mbmq, Hah! So not so! I don't know how many people have been on my blog. I look at my stats, like, 5 times a day, and then promptly forget the numbers. My visitors are quality, not quantity! Alright, I'm off to try kstaff's suggestion to get the numbers up. Who needs quality, anyway?

  16. Yup... agreed muse - GIB HITS NOW!

    I have over 350,000 hits now! Yay!

  17. I cracked 10,000 today. I did a jig, drank a beer, and then said my thanks to Wilfgor, the half goat/ half man god of the glen behind my neighborhood.

    And there was much rejoicing.

  18. 237,828 hits

    38,258 unique visitors (40% UK, 38% US, 5% Australia, 4% Canada, 2% New Zealand, 1% France)

    19% using Mac OS X, which surprised me. They must know a fellow traveller...

  19. kstafford: I'm so envious of your god of the glen. My neighborhood association won't get us one. Congrats on the stats!

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