How many posts can fit on the posts page?

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    Was just wondering if anybody knew what governs how many posts appear on the front posts page? Is it possible to change this number and when the “previous posts” icon appears?


    The blog I need help with is


    You can set the number of posts at settings > reading in your dashboard, but be careful if increasing it. There are still a large number of people out there on slower internet connection (below 1Mbps) and if a site takes too long to load, people just click away and go elsewhere.

    Also, search engines use page loading times when calculating search engine ranking and if your site loads too slowly you can get penalized and end up lower in search results.

    In general with just text posts (as long as they aren’t too long) I recommend keeping the number at 10 or less. If you use images in your posts regularly, I would think about 5 as a maximum. If you use multiple images in posts, I might even suggest going down to 3.

    One other way to shorten posts and be able to keep more showing per page is to split the content with the “more” tag.

    The “previous” or older link at the bottom of pages is automatic and will appear when the number of posts gets over the number set at settings > reading.



    Thanks a lot! I tried it and the front page looks fine (eg with 2 posts).

    However, I was hoping show 2-3 posts on the posts page and all/most of the posts on the category page. Is there any way of changing the settings for the category pages?

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