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How many spam comments were blocked by Akismet in your blog ?

  1. 431 blocked spam comments here.

  2. 3

  3. leet i like how you have twice as many views as me but I have twice as much spam as you. Wonderful *groan* -_-

  4. Lol !!

  5. 5,259 spam comments

  6. I'm up to 25,440 as of two minutes ago. Askimet does a really good job now. They used to throw some commenters into spam, but I haven't had that happen in ages.

  7. 3 I believe haha

  8. just 2

  9. 6,387, but one blog I contribute to from time to time is at 23,810.

  10. All of them.
    Good job WordPress. Good job indeed.

  11. 4

  12. pornstarbabylon


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