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how many times do I have to do this??? privacy

  1. I want to post something and have it viewed by only a few. The rest of the site is to remain public. How do I do that?
    Blog url:

  2. Are you dense? Your question has been answered in two seperate threads, stop making duplicate posts.

  3. This is why I keep getting fired from customer service jobs.

  4. @tt

    I have, but why? Am I missing something lol =/

  5. You suggested I clicked on above url for answer. I did. No answer. Just forget it. Done!!!

  6. Pete. I'm so glad im a source of amusement to you. I'll get help elsewhere. (jerk)

  7. Yes I am dense when it comes to tech problems, you idiot. How many times have you beendivorced? Okay. that's it/. I have better things to do. Hope your alimony is sufficient.

  8. I've posted the answer on your about page, so you have your answer in front of you. Because I'm a super nice guy.

    I haven't been divorced because I haven't been married, how many times have you been dropped on your head?

  9. @1emeraldcity
    Are you not able to read what I posted and proceed to solve your issue?
    See here:
    post visibility
    page visibility

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