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How many users?

  1. katarsis20032002

    2 questions:

    1)How many users can enter to my site hosted in at the same time?

    2)How many people whith the same user can enter in my site hosted in wordpress. com ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog you are asking about beginning with http to give you an accurate answer.

  3. but is private, i make one user to enter to this site like suscriber.


  4. You can have up to 35 official users of a private blog without purchasing an unlimited users upgrade. See here >

  5. katarsis20032002

    tks timethief, but i have one private user like "gues" o "colaborator" I want to know how many people can use this user at the same time to log in my private site.

  6. Well, we had one blog here that had 45 million views in one day without crashing.

  7. I think they are working around the 35 registered people limit with only one "person"

  8. 2)How many people whith the same user can enter in my site hosted in wordpress. com ?

    What do you mean by that? Each username account has their own log-in. You do not have 35 people using the same username account log-in.

  9. katarsis20032002

    Timethief: if you have a generic account (like 'guest' user) you have only one account for all the people who are guest. I have develope a kind of generic account in my private blog

    Auxclass: tks, clever and simple response, may be you have reason

    Any other suggestion or official response?

    tks to all

  10. I think that's a very poor practice and I would not use it on my blogs at all.

  11. I don't think anybody's ever tested it. I agree with TT that you'll come to grief over it, very soon, too, but you can go ahead and try it and let us know how many.

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