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How many users can i add for a public blog?

  1. Is there a limit?

  2. No limit :)

  3. Just don't add me in. I'm on too many of them already. :)

    Only limit is for private blogs.

  4. Dr. Mike -- are you sure there isn't a point at which user caching (in "update_user_cache") becomes impractical? I am trying to port a Java-based poetry community website to WordPress, and after porting over my 28,000 users I'm finding that user caching forces my server to crash.

    I would welcome your advice as to whether or not this user caching can be skipped and whether or not I might discover other real-world limitations with a list of 28,000+ (and growing) users. Thanks.

  5. Not a clue actually. Most of the WordPress blogs I host have less than a dozen users and the six WPMu installs I'm now hosting in my space and on my own boxes are all under a thousand users each.

    Really an issue more for than here. Sounds like you're talking about a blog running the wp software and hosted elsewhere instead of here since we can't import users here at


  6. Hi Dr. Mike -- yes, you're correct, I should have posted this at I landed here via search engine -- will try there -- thanks!

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