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How Many veiws did you get today?

  1. @tltcl
    I post once a day and sometimes twice a day. Blogging is very detoxifying for me :)

  2. I have been blogging off and on for like two years, and 50 is still average, I guess it is just that the niche I have created doesn't have many followers Lafemmeroar, you are doing extremely well, and I hope your blog gets more views in the following weeks.

  3. @passionate4pikes
    Thanks. I hope I get more readers as well. It's fun and OMG soooooo addicting. Come visit me for a chuckle or 2 :)

  4. @lafemmeroar and @titcl - you have no idea how happy I am to see you talking to each other! I love both your blogs, you have so much in common!

    As for my viewing stats, do I have to??? Day here has only just begun and so far it is a big fat 4! I cling to quality.

  5. @pattikuche
    Stick to quality. If you "build it" they will come ... or rather "good writing" will eventually attract readers. Cling to your standards ... :)

  6. Hi Patti, 4 hit's that's a bad day for you :) we all know you can get 100 to-day and 20 to-morrow so hit's really don't matter. It's when you don't get any for 3 - 4 day's then you panic.

  7. It's been kind of slow for the last few days. I'm wondering if summer stats are usually lower? People may actually have more fun things to do than read blogs. I haven't read as many myself since the kids are home and I have to keep them entertained.

  8. they are slow in the summer, people out doing more useful thing's

  9. Patti - Have you thought about adding hyperlinks to your posts? They would help the reader by giving quick links to further info and also gain your site more prominence in searches. Like you could link to the Yosemite official site in your latest post and other places. Google likes sites that link to others I believe.

    Just a thought... But your site is highly readable anyway.

    And yes, I agree that I have something in common with lafemmeroar - we both like to make light of life's experiences.

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