How many viewers are needed for a blog to make money?

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    I know that ads are not allowed on I am planning to (at some point) start blogging with the wordpress software.

    I am wondering roughly how many views per day I need to cover hosting costs with advertising. Also, will switching off of affect my search engine ranking?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m new to this whole blogging on wordpress thing too, but a blog’s revenue is very much dependant on how ambitious the writer(s) is. You can always sell custom t-shirts, keychains, cheapy merchandise type things OR as I plan to do it, link up with other websites and put up an advertisement on your blog. As for how much traffic you need for that to happen, well heck, that depends on whose ads you’re postin :)



    Is this a joke?

    (1) blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites and that’s what advertising does.
    See TOS section 2, 5th bullet

    (2) No blogger initiated advertising is allowed on wordpress.COM blogs
    VIP hosted blogs are the only exception



    (3) types of blogs allowed and NOT allowed at wordpress.COM

    (4) If you are in any doubt about this contact Support Staff for clarification



    well there you go, best bet is VIP



    IMHO the best place to ask your blog monetization questions are over here http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    The most common ways touted for making money from blogging are Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Forex Trading Robots, Surveys and Product Reviews, Article Marketing and selling on ebay.

    Well, the truth is no quick and easy way to make money online. Making money online or offline involves hard work. Moreover, very few bloggers have the degree of expertise required to produce content that brings in the massive number of hits on advertisements that are required to make a living from blogging.

    How well do you blog now? How well does your blog do competing against the money making blogs in the here and now? Do you have a blog that attracts 1,000 – 1,500 unique visitors every day? If you don’t then you will not make a significant income from blogging. You will be lucky if you make enough to cover hosting costs.

    Will leaving wordpress.COM affect your blogs search engine ranking? Yes! Even if you buy domain mapping along with a domain the new domain will start with a PageRank of unranked and have to work it’s way up from zero/10 again. Here’s the catch 22.

    If you are blogging for money then PageRank can be a major issue. Once your site has a higher PR (4 or 5) then higher paying writing opportunities become available to you. However, if you write for services like ReviewMe, Text Link Ads, Smorty, and/or PayPerPost, etc. then it’s important to understand that Google doesn’t like paid links, so if you have them and if your site doesn’t indicate them with “nofollow” or, if you’re active on the Internet selling links on your site then your site’s PR will suffer.

    If you don’t care about Google and PageRank then get involved with services like ReviewMe, Text Link Ads, Smorty, and/or PayPerPost, etc. and sell all the links you want. But if you don’t want to be harmed in Google PR updates then don’t sell links and don’t link to sites that do.



    This is very informative…



    “I am wondering roughly how many views per day I need to cover hosting costs with advertising.”

    If all you’re trying to do is cover your costs, why move at all? is free to use.

    Most blogs will never break even. That might seem unfair but it’s reality. As Timethief suggests, unless you’re easily getting thousands of readers every day, don’t even bother thinking about ads. Even then there’s no guarantee you’ll make anything.

    @theenvirokid VIP hosting is limited to the largest blogs, and is more or less invitation only.

    My advice: enjoy blogging, or stop. Don’t go down the “monetize your blog” road – it will almost certainly not lead where you think. If you blog well for long enough, opportunities will come to you.



    Hey, I have even more to say so here’s a little more … Blogging is competitive.

    Blogging behind this garden wall at wordpress.COM where bloggers with non-monetized blogs peak and freak over stats is child’s play, in comparison to actually getting out there and competing with the make money bloggers, who are blogging for a living.

    The make money blogging niche is the largest niche of all. The competition for readers is fierce and most traffic flows to the A and B list make money bloggers. Other bloggers within the niche tend to re-blog the content produced by the front runners, rather than creating unique content, and that has a negative effect on the niche as a whole, as readers become savvy to this and don’t return.

    In the economic times in which we live easy credit is no longer available, so some companies have trimmed and even severely cut back on their advertising budgets, and we can expect the number of people clicking on ads will decrease, despite the BS about economic recovery.

    You will never make a significant income from blogging if you lack expertise in a specific niche and you do NOT know how to:
    * be a skillful blogger, who can actually write well;
    * create a growing archive full of high quality original content;
    * structure a search engine optimized blog and posts;
    * promote your blog effectively via social networks, social media, and other means;
    * establish and maintain a faithful and growing readership (organic or unpaid traffic).

    Ways to make money online (many of which I would never ever consider doing):
    (1) get paid to make friends
    (2) get paid to surf
    (3) get paid to search
    (4) get paid to buy and sell ads
    (5) get paid to read email
    (6) get paid to review products and services
    (7) get paid to take surveys
    (8) get paid to blog (sponsorships and affiliate schemes)
    (9) get paid to blog (paid per post)
    (10) get paid to write (websites, brochures, pamphlets)
    (11) get paid for advertising
    (12) get paid to pay online games
    (13) get paid to shop and eat
    (14) get paid to use your cell phone
    (15) get paid to visit sites
    (16) get paid to post comments
    (17) get paid for mystery shopping online
    (18) get paid for buying music online
    (19) get paid for testimonials
    (20 get paid for tips
    (21) get paid to chat
    (22) get paid to be an online coach or tutor
    (23 get paid to an affiliate
    (24) get paid to give advice and answer questions online
    (25) sell items on ebay




    Once again your information has been spot on. My traffic is only 700 hits per month but I only started two months ago. I think I’m going to have to give this some time before I get anywhere near 1000 visitors a day. A girl can always hope and dream.

    Your information is invaluable.

    I DID check my page rank and it’s a 4. I can hardly wait for the higher paying writing opportunities to become available to me as you suggested. Thank you so much for keeping us on the straight and narrow. I agree completely with you on your list numbers 1-24 although I do sell my kids old toys on ebay.

    In the mean time happy blogging.



    @timethief, yup, that’s very good advice. Don’t blog for money or you won’t go anywhere. Although, I never realized that Google didn’t like payperpost style of posts (I never did them because the moment I read about it, I thought it was dumb, my blog is a pseudo journal, or chronology of the world as I see it, not a stupid list of ads), although, do you know if Google’s PR also hates Amazon Affiliate links?



    PageRanks go up and down in accord with the number of backlinks that the posts you publish get and other factors as well. Paid writing opportunities on the internet do not come to the blogger; bloggers must actively seek them out and as I have previously stated blogging is competitive. Paid per post type opportunities require you to place links in what you write and those are the “paid links” that Google hates.

    Bloggers I know who had mature blogs 2- 3 years old and organic (unpaid) traffic stats of 1,000 – 1,500 unique visitors per day found their PageRanks went to unranked and 0/10 in no time flat. They are now required to post disclaimers in accord with the new FTC regulations on their blogs. In the end, they had to either choose to go for the money or for PageRank but they couldn’t have both ie. be paid to write and also achieve a PageRank.

    Bloggers I know who had mature blogs 2- 3 years old and organic (unpaid) traffic stats of 1,000 – 1,500 unique visitors per day found their traffic levels were not high enough to earn them enough income from Google Adsense to even earn their first check from Google which is not paid out until the publisher has achieved $100. in ad-clicking income for a year or even longer.

    Blogger I had mature blogs 2- 3 years old and organic (unpaid) traffic stats of 1,000 – 1,500 unique visitors per day found thay their income earned from affiliate schemes also took a long time to creep up to the $100. per year mark and most made less than that so all their work amounted to achieving enough to pay for their hosting costs and not much else.



    There are so many misconceptions here.

    “I can hardly wait for higher-paid writing opportunities to come my way” for example.

    Do you think they’ll be emailing you out of the blue? Knocking on your door?

    Doing business online is just like doing business anywhere else: either you start your own business from scratch or you work as an employee for someone else. Ask yourself if you’re ready for that.



    I agree 100% going into business means undertaking due diligence, doing research first, developing a business plan, spending some money up front to hopeful make more later on, and being prepared for the the fierce competition that exists.

    The “I’ll just post a couple of ads and make a bit of cash” myth that’s currently circulating along with the “make a million online” myth are being perpetuated by those who are participating in pyramid schemes fishing for joiners to make money off, those who are ignorant of common business practices, legal issues and realities and who are and easily misled.

    I started another lengthy comment here that I removed before clicking “submit” as I’m turning into a blog post.




    Not to mention with the number of blogs more or less doubling every two years, the value of an ad on any one of them is falling through the floor. My earnings from ads have decreased 75% over the past year.



    @raincoaster ouch.

    Re PageRank: I’ve had a pr6 blog for years. AdSense doesn’t cover its hosting costs.

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