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How many views are you guys getting?

  1. sarcasticblogger

    Title says it all.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've been averaging between 30-50 per day. What about you?

  3. I got 2485 yesterday. Friday I got almost 14,000 though. It just depends what you're blogging and how topical it is.

  4. Approx 100 a day in march. However mines a very specialised site and not for everyone.

  5. Over 10 per day. Sometimes over 20.

  6. approx 20/day

  7. Between five and thirty a day....

    But I'm content, not breaking any records....

    Just how popular can memories be anyway?

  8. sarcasticblogger

    Well keep up the good work guys :3
    @boyonboys - I get around 500-600 a day.

  9. I'm getting 10-20 but it's a fairly new blog, I want more!

  10. @raincoaster - I can't work out if you are male or female - not that it matters, just thought you might like to know your cyber presence is androgynous. :))

  11. Yes, I KNOW that is an off topic post - but this IS the off topic forum, so I'm allowed! :)

  12. @teamoyeniyi
    raincoaster and I are both females. We both live in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. She lives in Vancouver. I live in the gulf islands. We have both been here at for almost 5 years. When we came there was only 1 Support Staff, 1 Moderator and 1 thread of FAQs on the forum. There was no support documentation. raincoaster teaches blogging and social networking and know her stuff inside out.

  13. @TT - thanks! Interesting information! NO support documentation when you arrived - wow! There certainly is now - did you two write a lot of it?

    It is interesting that Raincoaster is female - I'd originally thought male, then I don't know what made me start to doubt my thought, but I started to think otherwise. Yes, I had been to her web site, maybe I didn't read the right bit at the time.

    I do float around before I make my presence known sometimes!

    @Raincoaster - I hope I didn't offend you - I just love a mystery and you were becoming more mysterious to me by the day!

  14. Started off with 70-80 per day, the past couple days have been a little lower around 40. Total average is 67 a day. I'm happy with that considering my blog is less than a week old.

  15. I was very rude and didn't answer the original question, even though I posted. Apologies to the OP.

    I get anything from 40 a day to 260 a day, depending on the day. Daily average running at about 110. Given I went off-line for several weeks (due to legal advice), it is now like I'm starting all over again now.

  16. Haha 31 on my first day, cause I sent it to some of my friends on fb. And then 4 on the second :D

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