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How many views do you get per day? New blogger curious.

  1. I just started my blog, and I wonder how many hits per day is average for a blog. I'm getting 30-ish on my good days, and around 10 on the low ones. I'm up to 196 views, and I wonder how many views everyone else on here has, and how long it took them to start racking up large numbers.
    My blog is an average journal of my life as a delinquent high-schooler, with some opinionated posts about gay rights, politics, and war thrown in for good measure and ample amount of angst.
    I have no comments so far, so I don't really know what anyone thinks of my blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. rmartinezvlzqz

    I've been blogging since February 2011 and I get 14-20 on low days, 20-40 on good days and 60-90 on great days (just four of those). Traffic source varies:

    (1) WordPress Forums or others
    (2) Social Networks (specially FB) with new posts
    (3) Search Engines (from tags and cats)
    (4) Challenges and Blogfests (participating in them)

    Today was special because my latest post was re-posted in someone WordPress and in a comment of a websites, I got nice traffic redirected to my site (still just 90).

  3. skirttherulesblog

    My blog is about a month old now. It's a personal style blog with tidbits on decor inspiration and my general life experiences. My main traffic comes from my Facebook updates, but I get a good amount from posting on forums and other blogs. My high has been 273, but I've been averaging about 150. It definitely takes time and if you keep the content of your blog interesting and original, the readers will follow. Good luck! :)

  4. dribblingpensioner

    this is a new blog and it's up and down one day 20 yesterday 130 take he hit's as they come.

    my other blog has an avg; of about 120-130 everyday and i'm happy with that, up to 31,000 hit's so far.

  5. Hits happen because you are writing about a popular topic. It's no indication of the quality of your work, or its lasting significance. I wrote about an obscure French film and got 9 hits. I wrote about Avatar and got 250. The post about the French film was far better and more substantial. See what I mean? (My average is about 85-100 per day, btw.)

  6. 97 yesterday because my Czech President Stealing Pen post was a hit in the search engine.

    So far 27 today... for the same reason.

  7. low days: 10-20
    good days: 20-30ish
    great days: 30-60

  8. dribblingpensioner

    I have learnt over this past couple of day's if you get a hit it will not mean they read your post's.
    Yesterday i got 127 hit's but only 3 post's were read, to-day so far 54 hit's and only 2 post's read. Unless the stat's are not working or not updating.
    i don't know why, i think my post's are ok, maybe other's think they are boring :(

  9. Well they probably still read the post, they just don't click on it. Reading it only registers if they click on the link to comment on it or something (or if they are brought directly to the comment page of the post)

  10. dribblingpensioner

    But i always install the read more button which means people have to click to read the full post

  11. Ah okay, yeah I don't use that.

  12. I usually get my views on my home page, and occasionally on my specific posts. I steer clear of the Read More Button for the sake of readers' convenience.
    The best ways I've thought of to get views is posting in the forums, commenting on related posts in other peoples' blogs, and using tags likely to be searched (yet still relevant.) Are these good methods? I'd post on Facebook, but with family, certain friends, and other complications, I avoid it for drama and bullshit's sake.

  13. The most I've gotten thus far is 125 on one day. The lowest, 13.

    Not sure why some days are better than others, but I'm happy with my progress so far. :)

    I just hope one person or another finds some of my material interesting. That is what ultimately means the most to me.

  14. Oops I forgot to click "notify me of followup posts..."

  15. Thanks, timethief, I'll give those methods a shot.

  16. I usually get around 60-110 views a day, but I don't write about that many "high traffic" things... I've been blogging since November of 2009.

  17. average, 30-40 good 41-60, great 61-98, incredible up to 110

  18. Im new I hope that people will see my posts there all about Michael J. Fox I love to write so I hope I can make them interesting enough for bloggers everywhere

  19. My lowest was 5. My highest is 285. Not sure why but this week my views have been in the 250 range. Whatever the reason, it's nice.

    I've been blogging since January 2011.

  20. I'd say 150 is about my average. Closer to 200 on good days. Closer to 100 on slow days.

  21. indiapiedaterre

    200-300 daily, but it's dropped over the past few weeks noticeably -- instead of steady weekly growth each week -- and I'm trying to figure out why. Google Images can be good source of visitors if your blog is more visual, so consider that.

  22. To my surprise, I'm getting somehow good views. I have started this blog before 3 days, and I'm getting 50ish a day.

  23. thequietvoice18

    For the first two months I got practically nothing - about 10-20 views a day. Once the third month came around I began getting 50-100, probably due to goodreads/facebook updates and search engine terms. Then I changed my blog's url without first purchasing a domain (big mistake!) and my views dropped to 20-50, which is where I'm at now. I'm content with that though. :)

  24. dribblingpensioner

    changing your url meant the search engine's are trying to find something that is not there, your hit's will pick up again when they find your site

  25. Ah I'm having the same problem. I thought I should have bought a domain first! I'd welcome any suggestions for a new blogger too....

  26. Ahhh my blog is losing steam!! :(

  27. Here are my averages from since I started my blog:
    Nov and Dec 2010 (1 view per a day)
    Jan (6 views) and Feb 2011 (9 views)
    March (110 views) and April 2011 (88 views).

    Part of the traffic rise was a brief feature for two hours on the Freshly Pressed page (March) and getting onto PopPressed (April). I also started blogging nearly daily and deleted lots of old posts which I thought didn't symbolize the blog.

  28. that's interesting. What did you do to increase in those first few omnths?

  29. On average I get about 8 views per day. But my blog is about theatre and that is a hard community to discover right away. So I'm hoping with time more and more intersted persons get on board.

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