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How many views do you get per day? New blogger curious.

  1. I had a post that was cross-posted on a lot of other major sites and it also went viral on Facebook. It was pretty crazy and fun, but I don't expect that to happen again. I think my daily average still might drop a little more since I'm still getting some traffic from that post.

  2. Hi, actually no one knows that I'm blogging. I'm not using my real name, but all of my infomations are real. it's just that my identity is hidden. so in that case. i dont have any readers. It made me smile when saw the topic, so i decided to drop my funny answer. :)

  3. 108 today and a comment, which blows me out, because I only went live today to ask for help on the forums, my blog has nothing in it yet.............

  4. Ok Alec, you said you wanted feedback and I checked out your blog. Our lives are 180 degrees apart.

    IE: -You’re in high school
    -you use words like “shit-tastic” and “absofuckinglutely”
    -you are an atheist

    I really like your stories. I think that, despite the tough time you’re having, you’re going to make it in this world. Here’s why I think that way…

    1. “But just because I volunteered doesn’t mean I intend to work.”

    2. “…he read us the riot act, and basically told us that he was extremely pissed. We’re pretty sure he’s killed people before, so we complied.”

    3. “Katie took it very maturely and calmly, and I really can’t explain how much I respect her for that… I… I love Katie.”

    4. “I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings, so I did what I did know. I painted.”

    5. “You see, last Thursday I called in sick due to lack of giving a fuck…Well when I got to English, I saw we had a substitute teacher. And a plot formed in my head.”

    ...And my favorite…

    6. “But I do know that as an atheist, discovering the existence of ghosts has significantly warped my perception of reality. There’s some weird shit out there. Be careful.”

    The humor is going to get you far, so is the love for your girlfriend (whether or not it’s her in the long run), knowing to use your art when you feel overwhelmed is amazing, and you have talent -you can paint and you can write. Did you know that you write well? You form a cohesive narrative and hold your reader’s attention.

    You’re not purposely looking to get attention and your stories are anything but neutral and yet you come across as a sensitive soul that cares about the world around you. Yes, I see why you're getting into trouble at times but there is a truthfulness in there. You’re honest and gritty and real and what you are telling your reader is interesting and entertaining.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Did you paint the image on your homepage, at the top?
    2. Is the ghost story a first draft? (ie: was it edited substantially or not)
    3. Why didn’t you paint at home that day when you were bored?
    4. Have you ever thought of getting permission to legally do graffiti?
    5. Have you thought of doing the same kind of volunteer work that made you feel good?

    Keep going... :-)

  5. Hi, personally I get 20-30 views on a good day, 60 on my best, I've had my blog for one week, I know that there's a pretty even split between facebook clicks and people I give my url out to reading. but there's three or four random views per day from people doing tag searches. So I guess that's good.

    Hope I helped :-)
    Ps, my blog is about random topics, so I guess it has less subscribe-ability and therefore I might have lower numbers than your average blogger.

  6. Being a new blogger myself i don't get many veiws, the most i have gotten was on my third blog, in which i received 44 veiws which was exciting!!! But the veiws can fluctuate from day to day i suppose

  7. I average 50-60 daily but lately I seem to be crossing 100 on a regular basis. Think it has something to do with the free Ipod I promised the readers on FB

  8. Today I have only 17 views :( ... my highest so far is 137...however, I don't mind much with the views because I have loyal readers that always commented :)

    My other blog has up to 500views but with less comments :(

  9. There is no order to my stats. I range from 1 to 40. 40 was my highest day.
    I need to start following more of the tips everyone offers. : )

  10. idiotphotographer

    I've been blogging on a regular basis for most of the year now. Before moving to word press I averaged about 2 hits a day. Here it is a little more interesting. I've been on WP for 10 days now and my best 2 days were 38 and 42 hits. I have 2 days with one and most everything else falls into the 17 to 20 lot.
    Also, I don't really sell my blog. I'll talk to people here, and someone linked me on their FaceBook at some point but for the most part I leave it be.

    Hell, my friends don't even know I have a blog.

  11. I've decided it totally depends on whether sex in Qatar is a hot topic on any given day.

  12. mewithmycamera

    I started out with between 10-20 but over the holiday weekend for Canada and USA things picked up and final got over 100 a couple of days. Currently on a slow day I get between 40-60 views but on the best days between 80-120. I want to increase it but it will take time. Currently have 18 subscribers.

  13. silvershadowfly

    I think blogging is all about consistency, and you've got to commit to it.
    I started July 2010, and only blogged about once a month, then third year of university hit and I was majorly busy running around working, studying and editing the student magazine, so my regular monthly posting dipped to every 3 months...

    I've recently only got back into the blogosphere and upped my game to around 4 blog posts every month. My views generally go up and down and can range between 10-60 in a day.

    I don't know how people who have only just started blogging are getting 100 hits or more, but for me, just to know that people are reading and commenting on my blogs makes me happy.

    Even though we do all get a kick out of high stats!

  14. sadly I normally have 30-70 hits a day....I have tried exploring ways to promote but I think it just takes time!

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