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How many views does your blog have?

  1. jackiepaulson8

    views all-time

  2. views for all time since june of 2010.............3, this good or bad?

  3. 1,432. Started 1 month ago.

  4. thehappyhealer

    9 views for 2 new blogs.... yeah, I'm working on it :)

  5. passion4tattoo

    like 20, new though :)

  6. 326 and counting (slowly ... but still counting!)

  7. 0 .... just started

  8. passion4tattoo

    Awww, gave you a view :D

  9. jackiepaulson8

    I did too, ash.

  10. 9999 ...:/

  11. averagesouthafrican

    2656 views in 5 weeks :-) I'm new to blogging

  12. passion4tattoo

    461 now, started my blog mar2, went from 1 viewer first day to 150 yesterday. So it's definately going the right way :)

  13. Nearly 5000! And that's from an average of only one post per week. Happy with the growth which is up month on month. That's what's important as different blogs have different audiences, so you can't compare them really.

  14. Over nine thousaaaaaand ...

  15. Just started. Didn't putted it outthere, yet... So, come and read! It's about my thoughts about the new world i discover on my travel through the world.


  16. granalacantluton

    360 something in a few days ...i would like more ...but i just like writing

  17. theprattlingsofseverin

    I'm not sure what to think about hits. It's like Twitter followers, i'm not a big fan of just collecting numbers.

    I don't really care if 5 million people read my blog or just 5 as long as they either get something from it, or at least have a giggle somewhere along the way.

    Most of my writing is boring, self-pitying and full of balderdash and piffle, but just occasionally i make someone laugh, just a bit.

    Yesterday i wrote about an attempt at masturbation, which didn't go as planned. And someone had a chuckle. Albeit at my expense, but that's ok.

    Oh yes, warning : Contains Adult Content. Well a bit anyway.

    Good morrow.

  18. 4,792 hits as of this morning.

    I can't believe I even have ten hits, so I'm not complaining. Any time I check my stats (which is usually in the morning), I still get giddy that anyone is reading.

  19. theprattlingsofseverin

    @daisysprouts I'm not at all surprised at your hits. It's an attractive blog, well written. Go you!

    sev x

  20. Started blog in August 2010. I have 9,338 all time views!

  21. theprattlingsofseverin

    @angelcasiano That's because yours is a very attractive blog indeed. Even though i might not share your religious views, i can why your readers might keep coming back.

    My only worry about your blog is .... are you sure about the copyright licence status of all the pictures you've used? When i include a picture that's not my own, i always try to search for "labelled for reuse" (Google images advanced search has that option).

    Anyway, keep blogging.


  22. christinerudnicki

    I've had 7,204 as of right now, and that is in 12 weeks with 14 posts. I swear, every time i see a hit its like a drug, such a thrill !! I never expected anyone to read it and I still am amazed that anyone would want to.

  23. I look like hitting 3,000 for this month and I'm close to 7,000 to date.

  24. theprattlingsofseverin

    @christinerudnicki To be fair, your blog is so very well written, i can imagine folk coming back to it again and again.

    I know i will.

    You've deserved all the hits you're getting. Enjoy the drug. I just got my first 1,000 so know the feeling.

    sev x

  25. christinerudnicki

    Why Thank you, Sir, I would like to check yours out, but you are not linked?

  26. Just passed my 5,000 landmark today after just 2 weeks, mainly due to being freshly pressed, but it is still nice. Can only hope that all the people who subscribed will continue to read :) If not, its okay, I'm still quite happy with the progress my blog has made before being FPed.

  27. jackiepaulson8

    4,839 hits since Jan 2011

  28. 163 views in 10 days (since I started)
    Is that good?

  29. 11,500 since December! :3

  30. Which one? I haven't looked for the grand totals, I just look at each day for each blog.

    I don't mean to be disinterested...but I have a full-time job that has nothing to do with blogging. (Though the job includes writing on less exciting topics occasionally.:))

    My writing for 4 blogs is my hobby after work! Do you think I'm going to remember the statistics here??

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