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How many views does your blog have?

  1. @maidiebike
    It's rather silly thread (on offence intended) because we can all look up the traffic stats for any site whether or not it's our own or a blog belonging to someone else by using quantcast and alexa.

  2. Rats! typo above - (on offence intended) was meant to be (no offence intended)

  3. ..10.. haha started yesterday :)

  4. Don't worry TT. Newbies probably care about stats. for awhile.

    Even with quant and alex tools, I still would forget...because the data changes. Heck I have to remember so many different sets of passwords, etc.

    That's more important. :)

  5. 5 away from the 3,000 mark after 2 months. I'm surprised and very pleased.

  6. theprattlingsofseverin

    @christinerudnicki Thanks for your kind comments and for mentioning that you can't check out my blog. Mine is deliberately not linked because it had some adult content (though far less than many blogs that can be stumbled upon by accident i've found) and anyway TimeThief gets all uppety if i helpfully include a link.

  7. Just hit 73 today :)

  8. Started just over a week ago and I've had 185 hits, am happy :) just want more!

  9. 6,600 since June 2009.

  10. 100 since like less than a week ago.

  11. Hmmm... I think this is quite fun. Kinda addicted to reading all your answers. I'm on 450 on one blog and 350 on the other.They're both about 6 weeks old. Awww..they're babies still. What's surprised me is that the posts I least expected to get higher hit rates did and vice versa. So, sometimes the posts I really love and put work into aren't the ones that are popular but the casual posts get lots of views ...and as a blogger you still need to be happy with that. I guess that's why the more experienced bloggers don't worry about the numbers. Still, its like setting a little goal for yourself and it does keep you writing.

  12. I have one blog, and in two days it'll be a month old.. Im at 870 hits so far. Hoping to make 1000 before month birthday lol .. :)

    Congratz to everyone on their views.. when your new, it does mater, it shows people are interested and stopping by... im sure once you have been doing it for years, that changes.

    We were all newbies at one point- and im sure ALL veteran bloggers cared (and some prob still do). So to cut people some slack. :)

  13. I've been up for 25 days and have 2,530.

  14. Just passed 500 :)

  15. just crossed the 13OO mark!

  16. Sorry I meant I3OOO.

  17. 2 :(

  18. Just hit 2000 in two months - thanks

  19. 935 needed to hit 10,000 - feel free to help out!

    @TT - I still do not really understand the stats on those two sites you mentioned - for instance, I actually have an Alexa ranking in Canada (thanks to you and Momfog, most likely) but according to it, no Australian stats at all. Quantcast gives me some Australian numbers I don't understand, but nothing about Canada!

    None of the numbers bear any remote resemblance to my WP stats page! Arrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh.

    It is the IT in me - I just was to understand all these dar things and how they hand together. Then I still do not understand really the webmaster tools of Google and Bing at all, despite reading their Help pages.

    I think I am just www-challenged!

  20. ... how the darN things and how they hanG together ....

    typos will be the death of me!

  21. My lovely blog has 205 views. Feel free to make that number a little higher, if you want!

  22. is very close to 130,000!!!

  23. I've had some visitors so thats pleasing

  24. thequietvoice18

    Just hit 10,000 a few days ago :)

  25. 1088! on just 5 posts! if that is not a milestone. I'm pleased with myself

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