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How many views / hits do you receive in a day?

  1. quixoticzephyr

    Gosh that sounds a little inappropriate.

    So how many views does your blog get in a day? I would say mine but it's feeling a little shy- innately unpopular, you see, since its birth four months ago.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Super proud to almost hit 10

  3. quixoticzephyr

    Woah, I've nearly got a heart attack. My page views reached eight times of what is usual (thanks to a photo gallery)! And mami, I completely sympathise with you.

  4. some days 4, some days 150. mine seems to be really random

  5. my views are non-existent. haha
    i'm new to all this blog stuff....

  6. It tends to be 0 per day. I have a total of 4 hits haha.

  7. taylorcommunications

    None oddly enough. I have around 30 on my portfolio site, but 0 on my blog. I've only got around 4 or 5 posts in my personal blog site, but no views.

  8. I managed to climb to something around 15 in about a week and a half which I'm pretty happy with. :D

  9. Around 4...If I get any hits at all... :-<

  10. 10, but that's because I'm new

  11. Oh so inappropriate!

    Anywhere from 0 to 140...I've got archives. Most of my readers are my friends.

  12. There, I visited each and everyone of you above. Some of you twice.

  13. I started my blog 2 days ago and manage 200 hits a day right now. All I did was pick an interesting topic and just have used Facebook for advertising so far.

  14. Haha, I don't know how to delete my above comment...but I forgot to add on the rest of what I was going to say.

    Just continue to tell people through word of mouth or advertising in your local newspaper, you''ll be amazed by how many people will start coming to your website if you invest a little bit of time advertising it as well as blogging every other day.

  15. I just started blogging on, or about the 27th of April. My blog has amassed 711 hits, and according to site meter 324 visits. I'm humbled by these numbers. Any success I meet in blogging is to be met with humility, awe, and gratitude.

    I've overcome a great darkness in my life as chronicled here:

    Personal Reflections From The Underground

    My main blog resides here:

    Blogging Perspectives Daily

  16. I've overcome a great darkness in my life as chronicled here:

    Personal Reflections From The Underground

  17. My apologies the links are broken.

  18. highest is 54 hits in 1 blog's age- 8th day going.......

  19. highest has been 193 hits a couple of days ago. my blog's been up for 7 days, and I've had a total of 417 hits so far...

    my brother forwarded me a very obscure and funny email sent in-house around the BBC (where he works). I posted it up and wrote a little about it, and that generated a lot of the hits:

    so I guess the tip is to write an amusing, and slightly scandalous, post once or twice a week to reel people in

  20. taylorcommunications

    For the longest time I had zero every single day.

    But lately due to search engines, these forums, and some random stumbling upons, I have at least 3 a day. One day I even had 11!!!!

  21. taylorcommunications

    Although sometimes its a bot too.

  22. Max 104
    Min 1

    Most of my hits come from the readers of ski forums where I post regularly, Facebook and friends/family whom I spam continuously with my blog address.

  23. 0.0023 hits per day. Not the greatest amount, for sure.

  24. mine's random..sometimes 10 sometimes 60

  25. Up to 108 yesterday!!

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