How many widget areas are REALLY in Infoway theme?

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    Infoway theme widget error.

    On the customizer for Infoway, and also on the widget workpage, the count is six widget areas:
    1 primary widget area (sidebar)
    1 secondary widget area (no idea where?)
    4 footer widget areas
    Yet some of the Infoway support states there are only 5. widget areas for Infoway. Can I get a confirmation of either 5 or 6, and get the incorrect representations changed? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Katharine,

    I apologize for the confusion! Infoway effectively has five sidebar areas:

    • A primary widget area in the sidebar (Primary and Secondary)
    • Four footer widget areas

    There really isn’t a difference between the Primary and Secondary widget areas as the widgets appear in the same location (Primary just appears on top).

    Please let me know if you need anything else!


    That was really fast! Thanks so much! What an amazing thought! I get it, though, and will stop trying to find the secondary widget area. :)


    Not a problem! Happy to help. If you run into any additional trouble while setting up the Infoway theme, please let me know!

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