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How many words per post?

  1. I'm new here, and I was wondering how many words can be put in a post or on a page? I've searched the FAQ and the forums, so forgive me if this is answered somewhere else; if it is, I can't find it. Thanks!

  2. There is no limitation whatsoever.
    And you can increase the size of the posting box here ->
    Options -> Writing
    Size of the post box: ___lines
    Click "Update Options" to save.

  3. As you are new you might like to know how to link your username to your blog.
    We all have two profiles at One on our blogs and one here in the forum.

    Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog -> Users -> Profile
    In the right hand column locate “Website” and type in the link to your blog example:

    Linking your username to your blog in the forum
    (1) Go up to the top right hand corner of this forum page and look for “Welcome,_________ ! View your profile” and click “View your profile”.

    (2) Next click “edit this information”.

    (3) Complete the fields being sure that where it says website that you enter (no period at the end or the link won’t work)

    (4) Once you’re done click “Update Profile”. Voila! Now every time you sign into the forum we can click on your username and your blog will be linked to it.

    (5) Also note that there is a complete record of every post that you make to the forum on your forum profile page. Everyone in the forum can access it by simply clicking on “Member” next to your username. :)

    Happy blogging. :)

  4. I did one with 13,000 words with no problems whatsoever. But you'll want to use the More button if you do that, otherwise your blog page will go on forever!

  5. {waving to raincoaster}
    using the more tag on long posts

  6. Apologies, slightly offtopic. 13000 words?!

  7. Yes. Well, I'm a long-winded fart, what can I say? If you want to see it, go to the site and type in "Viggo".

    Welcome back, I shall restore you to the blogroll.

  8. Oh, I remember reading that post! It was long, but I didn't think it was 13000 words!

    Thank you and thank you. :)

  9. Thanks for the replies and helpful advice! Much appreciated.

  10. Happy blogging. :)

  11. fabiusmaximus2000

    I discovered the hard way that there is a limit of 2000 words per comment. Exceeding that creates an error message that trashes the text!

    This limit should be mentioned in the comment header, pehaps with a non-destructive block when exceeded.

  12. A 2000 word comment? To my way of thinking, any comment over say, 500 words is actually a blog post.

  13. Agreed. Put the majority of it elsewhere and link to it if you want.

  14. Hi!

    Welcome to wordpress by the way! There isn't a limit to how many words per post.
    So you can write as much as you like.


  15. Yes, I guess there's no limit to words for every topic we post here...

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