How may I list my recent entries?

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    Hello guys.

    I just want to have something like widget with will lists the recent entries. This feature is not in all themes. Unfortunately, this feature is found on a theme and it is not provided as widget; it is provided by the designer of the theme. And this makes my problem more complex!

    How may I list my recent entries?
    The wanted is as shown in blog, look on the right the list “recent entries”.

    Take care guys.

    The blog I need help with is



    The Recent Post widget should be available no matter which theme you’re using.

    Is there any particular site you’re not seeing it in the dashboard widget editor?



    Great, thank you!

    No, there is no problem on widget editor, I didn’t look carefully.

    It there any widget to see all the posts of the blog in a “tree view”? Have a look at “Blog Archive” area at this blog .



    No, that structure is not available here. I just use the archives widget and some themes display the archives in different manners: see the Monotone theme specifically for an unusual example.

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