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    I don’t have time, now, to count ALL the ways:
    Time got sucked up –while I tried to log in: past 90 HOURS –but couldn’t –and two hours spent deleting extra lines and clicking SAVE –over and over and over again. –No, I’m not a newbie, blog 2+ years old

    -I edit, hit SAVE –it pops –drops the change –puts in ANY number of line spaces –or deletes ALL line spaces
    -Hit SAVE: page DISAPPEARS
    -while editing published page, click return key: page closes –listed in MANAGE but as “unpublished” –doesn’t return to blog
    -“spellcheck” –a bad joke (–it doesn’t recognize “b-l-o-g” –give the joke to somebody else)
    -click on “B” (for bold) I get a pop-up –that says: “are you sure you want to leave the page, you have unsaved changes?”

    –while HUNDREDS –every day, are trying to use the page for voter registration info –verification –problems (over 8,000 total by Friday; today: 1,200+)

    Garbage code –too many lines –no lines –no save. And on and on and on it goeeees –while WP “improves” the site. I’ve been fighting stupid Dashboard since system-wide meltdown, August 2007. I ask for help; I get: ‘sorry, live with it; it’s fine; it will get better’ useless crap.

    I am SO SICK of the doodads –add-ons –“cool” tools jammed into WP while the problems REMAIN, I want to puke. It’s so difficult to post –I don’t, there’s 59 DRAFTS in my queue –that I can’t publish. If it wasn’t for my PageRank and Voter Registration post: I’d be OUTTA HERE.

    I’m fed up beyond description. If you can tell me solution/know HOW to fix #^%$*#@*%$# Dashboard: Please reply.



    The new version of WordPress will come December, with a brand spanking new dashboard.

    And I recommend Windows Live Writer fir writing blogs for WordPress. It’s actually smart compared to the crappy web writer.



    Or Blog Desk found here:

    It’s an awesome tool for posting to WP and you really never have to sign in here excpet to answer comments and delete spam.

    Try it you just may like it. ;)


    Moderator Emeritus

    I’m not sure you are in the right forum? What is your WordPress.COM blog? My experience with the .com blogs has been completely satisfactory, so perhaps you are self hosted. In that case, you might want to go to WordPress.ORG forums for help. It’s different software.

    When I click on the link to your name, it does not connect to a blog. Double check your typing?



    No fixes? grrrr….

    New dashboard: I know, I’ve seen all the blather; doesn’t do squat for: ALL the things –info I couldn’t publish past year and a half. The last/third –fourth(???) version of Dashboard: “fixed” what WASN’T broken –just moved EVERY thing to awkward/difficult un-natural, hidden places. Can’t hardly wait –for new “fix” of last “fix”….

    Thank you and to

    for info of alternative ways to write and post.

    If I sound unreasonably/rabidly angry: was TRYING to post on Important ballot Propositions, for days. –If the Dumb don’t read, carefully, will: cost those trying to hang onto their home, major bucks –sucked out of their budget –for 30 years; give a billionaire: billions (–Boondoggle Pickens) who then will crush small alternative energy start-ups; keep gangbangers, rapists, car jackers, etc. OUT of prison, while prison guards get rich on triple-time. Able to Post: NONE of it.

    Easy to think ‘wrong Forum,’ but nope: wp dot com blog. Long ago I disconnected my posting name from my blog, when I discovered: every thread in which I posted, thrown up on Google, cached.

    –Have you ever noticed: some post to multiple threads, non-stop –but rarely with info or actual help? They do it for: Google juice –try to improve their blog’s PageRank –pull in unsuspecting readers, appear important, etc. Me I don’t like to advertise when I’m asking for help. –Don’t need/want that kind of reader. But since you asked, you can see my blog at:
    d a V i n e R e m e d y [dot] wp [dot] com

    I thank each for replying. We (US) have a new leader now, Thank G-d…maybe stolen/sold rights -public land, money meltdown, fake wars, the Dumb –dashboard will all get better, soon. Took seven buses to go vote, too tired now, but tomorrow I’ll try the writing outside WP. Thanks,




    Sorry you’re having such troubles. What browser are you using to write your posts?


    –Have you ever noticed: some post to multiple threads, non-stop –but rarely with info or actual help? They do it for: Google juice –try to improve their blog’s PageRank –pull in unsuspecting readers, appear important, etc.

    And here I thought we were just trying to help out other users. I’m so naive.)



    lol, I way wasn’t referring to You!

    (Like nearly all newbies who post but get confused, not helped, in the beginning I got suckered and my threads got published, didn’t much care for that; lurking cured the steep learning curve and most probs.)

    I’m on: IE 6.0 and worthless MS XP

    Comparison: have several blogs on blogspot and NO such probs/junk happens there –I write directly on the website, without loosing/missing a thing.

    Frankly, I don’t get how a new dashboard: will ‘remove’ all the bugs in my wedge of wp; How it’s going to improve lousy spellcheck….

    Do you know why:
    -Spellcheck programmed so poorly?
    e.g., “blog” a ten-year old word, for Pete’s sake. The other non-joke: it splits words, e.g., something long that shouldn’t be divided, (not actual, but) like “minimum” –will offer “correction”
    “mini” and “mom” –how to get it improved?
    -Why I get tons of extra/useless code? How to stop that? –It’s why blank lines jump, even when it looks okay in HTML.

    Curious I used to try to learn something new every week, but WP sucks up so much time, energy, I quit.

    Thanks for replying.



    Can you try Firefox, IE7 or Opera?


    I think the thread should have been titled “How Much Do I Hate IE 6”.


    Oh – good morning, Mark!



    I’ve been so livid about Dashboard past 14 months –destruction/major bugs, lost posts, etc., I’ve started threads here so many times, then put off/deleted, cooled off. Finally I rant… –WP reaction
    …gets even –rants back –‘sticks it’ to me?

    LOL…irony, day I post: my blog put on “Blog of the Day” list, #92…sheesh, wow. I Could say: if the Voter registration-verification page got 10,400+ views, where would the blog be –IF –it doesn’t take multi-hours/DAYS to get a post published, and well enough to be readable –I Could have posted now-62 queue posts –see syndicated stats/what isn’t read-interesting –for any page, how many readers would it have, how much could I have informed -influenced decisions -health -politics, votes…. Instead I’ll say: Thanks.

    d a V i n e r e m e d y [dot]wordpress[dot]com



    Don’t use crappy old IE6. Use Firefox, Opera or IE7.



    Thanks for reply. I don’t know how to change browser, don’t have a reason to; IE 6: works –everywhere else.

    I’m not clear: there weren’t ANY blog problems until system-wide meltdown; how would browser-change remove bugs from WP? What would “improve”?

    –SpellCheck –would stop dividing words -recognize common words -enable adding words?
    –Return key wouldn’t ‘explode’/delete posts any more???
    –Re-log in would stop –quit having to sign in –over and over?
    –all the stuff stuffed into Dashboard–to impress Outside techies–would disappear –the Few useful tools, suddenly easier to FIND, use –wouldn’t need a sitemap to find tools that WERE in logical places?

    Widget page: used to be clean simple layout, easy to find, easy to use. Then it got “improved.” Now after HOURS of searching/trying/attempts: I cannot delete code in a widget, change a ticker on my blog. WHY. It Should have been a 60-second task, max. How would a different BROWSER fix that?

    -Why can’t I highlight -delete -add new code to a text widget?

    -WHY does every WP thing have to be complicated, difficult, overdone, massive time suck-up?

    -Why change browser? –just Because it’s possible?

    It’s like computer I’m currently using: has XP. –XP so not better than 98 SE –it’s merely much harder to shut off cookies/keep privacy and a vehicle to generate Bill Gates more money; it’s slightly different, but it way isn’t “better.”



    poppy8sd: there is an easy solution to your wp dashboard problems, and mark has provided that. now, you may have a point asking why should you change browsers when the problem lies with’s incompatibility with ie6. but you can argue till the cows come home and would still not be able to magically solve its issues with ie6 in a short period of time for select users like you who insist on ie6. i don’t know much about anything techy, but i have read around the forums the past year that ie6 is not a good browser and has many issues with dashboard. i’m taking the words of those who say that because i like to think that some of them actually has the knowledge and experience to back their statements.

    i guess my point is that if you really want to make things easier for you when blogging using, you could download one of the browsers recommended by mark. because that’s the point of bringing up this issue, yes?

    downloading a new browser is quite simple. if you need assistance for that you could ask support for help, in view of your problems with dashboard and ie6 as mentioned here.


    I’m surprised that we’re even discussing this. Platforms and applications continue to evolve and improve all the time, and you HAVE to keep up to date to take advantage of them. IE 6 was released in 2001; in the computer world, that’s AGES. Developers cannot forever continue to take into account those who want to stick to outdated or obsolete systems. (I’m a Mac user, and Macs now operate under OS 10: if I insisted that current software should work under OS 6 -the one in use when I started using computers back in 1990- I would simply be out of my mind.)

    According to Wikipedia, in 2006 security advisory site Secunia reported 104 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 6 (as opposed to 34 in Firefox and 15 in Opera) and 20 security flaws remaining unpatched (as opposed to 3 in Firefox and none in Opera). Again according to Wikipedia, some security experts and several notable technology columnists recommend that users stop using Internet Explorer 6 and switch to a different browser. Even the official IE homepage has this to say: “Even if a site that is important to you does not work in Internet Explorer 7, that’s no reason to continue using Internet Explorer 6”.



    Hiya, long time, no lips! Thanks for posting.

    You’re saying: WP + IE6 = some of My Dashboard problems ??? News to me…when I wrote to staff (over and over), they said, loosly translated, ‘get used to it’ –they Way Didn’t say: ‘switch out the BROWSER’….

    Maybe…they didn’t Know: browser had probs (then); CAUSED probs in WP Dashboard? –Since everyone was looking at Meltdown mess…. I didn’t see any discussion of IE6/browser issues, cuz, duh, my probs made it too much work/wasn’t around = catch + 2 + 2, lol.

    OK, now you’ve given me: REASON!

    ditto! “Crappy” –not enough information, for me! Did you notice my avatar? It’s Not casual!

    Believe it or not: I discovered Firefox when it was still in Discussion –by the 7 university folks who were inventing it. I Bookmarked it –sorely tempted to try it as soon as it was released; then decided I’d wait to see: what troubles others/techies had, first. There were enough complaints –things people Couldn’t do/see that I decided to move on, without it. –Still see posts where people can’t see/do things and have to switch out of it –go back to IE, so I thought Why bother.

    I’ve never seen Opera, don’t know thing one about it.
    Also don’t know: how people Switch to different browser/have more than one loaded in Same puter.

    Okay, I’m game to go new/switch out browser (gulp), which one –majority’s fav? Any How To tips? (I’ll also Search Forum before going out ‘in the world’)

    Thanks to each for posting. –Way helpful!

    PS Will SpellCheck get better? Doesn’t really matter; I can keep on pasting posts into Word – checking there, but it’s Tedious.



    I have Safari, Opera, Flock, Firefox and Seamonkey (another Mozilla browser). I like Seamonkey (it’s a cousin of Firefox), because it includes email accessibility, which Firefox doesn’t have. I’ve never had any trouble with Firefox or Opera, and I have noticed that a lot of bloggers are using Opera nowadays. Having multiple browsers is useful (and they take up very little of your hard drive memory).



    Firefox and Opera are incredibly stable.

    What version of Windows are you using? (XP, 2000, 98, 95?) I believe MS pushed out IE7 to XP quite a while ago. Are you keeping up with MS patches (released second Tuesday of every month)? Is your version of Java up to date? I won’t tell you to update to Flash 10 (the current version) because that’s nothing but a headache. Antivirus up to date?

    All these things are things to think about when running Windows and having problems.



    Please don’t update to Flash 10!! Flash 10 is not compatible with the flash uploader for video,audio and pictures.



    poppy8sd: actually, mark and panaghiotisadam said that after you said you used ie6. in not so many words, granted.

    anyway, i use firefox and it’s good for me. installation is simple and takes only a few minutes. i have no problems blogging with firefox, except when has the bugs.

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